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Be Brave

Design is personal and unique to every human being, from how it speaks to us to how we create our own. A beautiful thing about design is sharing these individual ideas with each other generates even more wonderfully distinct concepts.









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By Lisa Masteller

Like a lover of black and white film, a collector of vintage wines, or a purveyor of words, so too is the visceral stream of running thoughts as one tries to encapsulate the natural world of Design.

Having come from an upbringing that inspired new thought to the old and challenged us to think outside the box, my mother and father collectively managed to expose us to a plethora of imaginable possibilities.

Is it true that Design is in the eye of the beholder? Yes. Yes, it is.

On one hand my father, both Engineer and Farmer and my mother, Teacher and Humanitarian had sown into us a life that made us think and see beyond what was there and challenged our thoughts to what could be. However, Design always seem to be reserved for the Elite. For the very rich and famous. It seemed to be for those who held a breadth of knowledge of historian fact and diligence. A setting apart of societal influence on which to admire a time period piece or frequent a quaint market of reputable value. Well, I hate to break it to you. This height of awareness wasn't bred in me. Good grief, if it ever was, I may have not been so motivated by what I experienced.

So no, my life didn't rub shoulders with that type of elegance. However, it didn't slow me down to what was already birthed in me. No sir. For me design came at me through other forms, functions and senses. Like an array of sensibilities, most people have them in differing degrees. We arrive and conclude by our own preferences and dislikes. We are easily enamored and woo'd by a certain time and place that transported us to harmonious marriage of reality and fantasy. A little truth and bit illusion. Through shadows and angles of perspective, shapes and colors become a dancing inspiration against the hum drum. Yet even in the dirty and low lit places the simplest form of a small, budding flower can speak just as beautifully as a brightly choreographed parade.

Is it true that Design is in the eye of the beholder? Yes. Yes, it is. We could begin to argue both the good and not so good of design and but we have on many occasions done that. Because design meets both function and feeling the Interpreter will always win. I will however, be always a witness to the fact that the execution of design can make all the difference in the world. To influence from a place of conviction with just the right amount of spin and reserve. Resolving to never conform to what has been but paving the way viscerally back to originality and honesty.

I love design. And everywhere I go I take it in. Be it a towering new office building, a new state of the art museum, a craftily renovated Restaurant & Bar or stumbling upon an unusual outdoor seating area- Design is all around us. It's there giving us clues and quietly showing us ways to reconnect not just to the space itself but rather the whole reason it's here, to enjoy the variety of humans that interact within that space. Though it sounds like a cheap T-shirt. "Be Brave and Share Your Beauty."

I mean it.



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