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Lisa Masteller

Design in Mind

Lisa grew up in Southern California during the “Jesus Movement” and continues to carry the torch, as she gains exposure within the retail and commercial design world. Her passion for design lives within the larger scale projects that have a heavy public imprint. She cut her teeth as a window display artist and set designer. Lisa currently works with several churches in the field of facility redesign and new construction projects.

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You Know You’re a Designer When ...

Lisa Masteller gives us a peek inside the mind of a designer. If you're more distracted by the dusty fake plants in the restaurant than the sweet aroma of the lava cake on your plate, you're probably a designer.  Read more >>


Carol Badaracco Padgett

From the Editor

Carol Badaracco Padgett is editor of Church Designer magazine and senior associate editor of Church Production Magazine, published by Cary, N.C.-based Production Media Inc. She works from an Atlanta office, where she has written and reported on commercial construction, architecture, green building and sustainability, and church and culture for the past 25 years.

LATEST ENTRY / Posted in From the Editor on March 24, 2017 3:00 pm EDT

Can You Fast-Track or Value-Engineer Creative Thinking?

Not successfully, our Church Designer sources and readers report. Projects turn out best when all relevant design experts are called in for input at the earliest stages of design. Read more >>


Peter Exley, FAIA, and Sharon Exley, MAAE, ASID

Architecture Is Fun

Collectively, Peter Exley, FAIA, and Sharon Exley, MAAE, ASID, are architects, designers, teachers, authors and generators of good ideas; together they have amassed an impressive portfolio of architecture, interiors, branded environments and purposeful play. Specializing in educative design for visionary clients, their firm, Architecture Is Fun, collaborates with churches, museums, libraries, early learning facilities, schools and entertainment-based attractions to create meaningful environments relevant to their communities, in the United States and internationally.

LATEST ENTRY / Posted in Architecture Is Fun on April 18, 2017 1:34 pm EDT

In Honor of Earth Day 2017: Architects Advocate

Architecture and design professionals join the movement to advocate for climate change legislation. Read more >>


Ron Geyer

Design & Architecture

Ron Geyer is an architect in Greenville, S.C., who helps churches—new and old—make smart decisions about the buildings and spaces they inhabit and use in ministry. Reach him at 864-360-9292
 or via Twitter @rongeyer

LATEST ENTRY / Posted in Design & Architecture on September 24, 2015 11:02 am EDT

Part 2: 4 Tensions That Affect Design for Ministry

A look at growth vs. tradition. Does the tension between preserving the good stuff and inviting others into fellowship manifest itself in buildings? Read more >>


Kenn Sanders

Tomorrow's Campus Today

Kenn Sanders is an architectural designer who has been creating leading edge campuses for over 50 years. He has completed work on hundreds of church campuses across North America. Kenn Sanders’ “illustrated planning’ shapes environments that fit the transparent lifestyle desired by today's churches. Kenn can be reached at (480) 419-0915, Scottsdale, Ariz., Facebook – Kenn Sanders Illustrated Planning.

LATEST ENTRY / Posted in Tomorrow's Campus Today on January 31, 2017 9:22 am EST

A Church Architect’s Home: Passive Solar Design in Action

Church architect Kenn Sanders has designed and consulted on the master plans of churches across the country for years. Here, he shares how his home's site, orientation and components work with Arizona's climate to harness energy efficiently. Read more >>


Jerry L. Halcomb, FAIA


Dallas-based Jerry L. Halcomb, FAIA, founded HH Architects in 1971 and served as president and CEO there for 41 years. After retiring from the company in June of 2012, Halcomb moved into a consulting role, founding Studio H Consultants where he serves as president. He is a hands-on consultant, partnering with churches and joining their leadership team as an advocate to help their projects succeed.

LATEST ENTRY / Posted in Architecture on April 12, 2017 9:37 am EDT

Then and Now

A veteran church designer, and current project facilitator, shares the business sense he's gained throughout the years -- invaluable advice to help your firm thrive successfully over the years. An absolute must-read. Read more >>