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Campus Life is Space in Place ... Faith in Christ, Wrapped in Community









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By Kenn Sanders

Campus Life sends a message, embodies values, stimulates growth, satisfies the needs and concerns of the church community, respects resources and engages all the senses.

Campus Life easily adapts to change, responding to present and future ... adaptable/flexible.

Campus Life has appropriate use of proportion, scale, color and lighting in harmony and in the context with surroundings ... aesthetics.

Campus Life understands energy, efficiency, indoor air quality, use of natural lighting, ventilation, use of environmentally sensitive building and finish materials ... environmental quality.

Campus Life is alignment of design with intended use for disciplining philosophy, instruction and support ... functionality.

Campus Life uses imagination and ingenuity to create appropriate solutions ... innovation/creativity.

Campus Life understands facilities and selection of appropriate materials and equipment to minimize maintenance and maximize useful life ... maintainability.

Campus Life has a well designed environment that provides a safe place for people and allows effective monitoring and control of public spaces ... security/safety.

Campus Life has successful integration of contemporary technology and capacity for the future ... sensoryscape technology.

Campus Life has characteristics that are vital for each church—campus space is planned to maximize efficiency in circulation, access and multi use to allow more time and energy for disciplining ministries.

Campus Life values people and program, allowing everyone to use their gifts in a far wider realm.

kenn...designing that souls never be the same



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