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Posted in Tomorrow's Campus Today on March 26, 2014 6:12 pm EDT

Getting the “Blips” Out of This Place

Rethinking parking areas can be a solution to help "humanize" worship attendance and better invite in community









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By Kenn Sanders

In my 60 years of designing hundreds of [churches] across North America, [those] churches have faced the situation of how to do church with a multitude of worship services.

The people are "blips" at church. They must arrive and leave on a time clock. Every minute of the day is a "tick tock" plan set up by the worship team and other ministries.

The question is, "Is there an answer to give people the opportunity to do what Jesus wanted His church to achieve in fellowship and serving one another?" The answer is one parking space for each seat in worship.

... this allows the first service people to stay afterward for fellowship.

There are churches that have done this and they are flourishing with people. This does not mean that each parking space has only one person ... what it does is leave about half of the parking lot free of cars during the first service. Then when the second service cars land in the parking area, they [do] not need to fight cars from the first service for a parking space. This allows the first service people to stay afterward for fellowship. [In addition,] the second service people can come early to fellowship with the first service if they choose. This process continues throughout the day, depending on [the] number of services.

Rush hour at church is over and "blip" is no longer an unidentified person.



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