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Posted in Tomorrow's Campus Today on August 12, 2014 1:19 pm EDT

How to Embrace Your Design Vision Presentation ... Without as Much Anxiety

Something so simple can suddenly seem overwhelming. Here, how to get your mindset in gear for that important church committee design presentation.









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By Kenn Sanders

Prepare well, [creating a] solid foundation of confidence, and then leave anxiety at your design studio.

Your vision for a church [project may reflect] the heart of God. Here are some thoughts to get your head in order for the best presentation possible.

To [create] a life-style campus that mirrors Jesus, perhaps our vision is to mirror His vision [within our] design vision. Unfold it before the committee's eyes with these tips to properly deliver your design to the church – and to help [the church] receive it.

1. Consider how you look,

2. And how you sound,

3. What you will show to help them understand and follow your points,

4. And how you will respond to their questions.

[Preparing for these four in advance] will affect your delivery. Ultimately though, it is YOU, not the handout or virtual visions, that [will be] the focus of the design vision.

Unlike drawings, words and verbal content disappear into the air at once. Your speaking must be intelligible to be heard easily and clearly.

A word of wisdom: Slow down at important points ... pausing helps you draw [in] attention, so as to avoid misunderstanding. And remember: architectural words are not [necessarily] words that many people will understand.

Make sure your appearance includes: (1) proper and comfortable clothing, (2) standing at a visible spot, (3) with a natural posture, (4) so everyone can see your face, (5) with a smile, (6) good eye contact, and (7) no distracting expressions.

Aren't you more willing to listen to someone who pays attention to you, shows that they respect you, and looks relaxed and confident?

And one final thought that I always remember before entering the meeting room: “Make sure you have what you need -- and that you don't have what you don't need.”

Prepare well, [creating a] solid foundation of confidence, and then leave anxiety at your design studio.



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