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On Personal Experience of Space

Designers of architecture for churches need to think about what a person experiences in buildings.









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By Kenn Sanders

Consider what might go on within the typical worship space on a Sunday morning ...

1. Greeting one another.

2. In worship attendees remove their eyes from themselves and sing and pray to their Lord and Savior.

3. Have communion; this may be weekly, monthly or quarterly.

4. Give gifts, tithes and offerings [digitally?].

5. Pronouncement of the Word of God.

6. Altar call, sometimes for salvation, and every time an opportunity for people to receive prayer for special needs. While this is taking place, the body of Christ is singing, and then a closing prayer.

7. I note baptism at this point to illustrate [that] it may take place at the beginning, in the middle, or [in the] last part of the worship service. This may be weekly, monthly or quarterly.

[To the] designer of architecture for the church, here is another important part of the place you design … new people will visit the church and will ask themselves the following questions afterwards:

[In] the church I just visited, is it a place [where] I really connect with God? [Am I] worshipping freely? Am I learning more about Jesus and His love? Is [the experience of] fellowship and community encouraging? Are people's lives being changed? Is there a place for me to serve, and opportunities to pray with others? Is this a church [that’s] reaching out to missions? Is this where God wants [people] to be and serve?

This is what your design is all about. [How will people experience and use the space?]



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