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One Small Church Serving One Large Heart

Thoughts on individual gifts and strengths, and how we can use them to serve our community through God.









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By Lisa Masteller

"A builder is more valuable than a building any day. Every house has a builder, but the Builder behind them all is God."


I just came back from meeting with a pastor in the Durham/Triangle area. As we got settled in with our hello's, the conversation quickly took off. Within minutes I discovered that their new church plant, which is less than 2 years old, was given something that would change the course of their present condition.

He went on to share that a fairly new couple in the church had distinctly been told by God to give to the church. The gift was not your normal everyday gift. What they had extended to the church was a set amount of money that would allow them to purchase both land and building. The pastor humbly explained that this was completely off their radar. Knowing that they were still in a start-up phase, looking for a permanent space was way down the road. Yet overnight things changed. We all understand that things like this generally don't just happen. It's all apart of a bigger picture in experiencing the hand of God in ones life. All to say, our conversation was quickly sparked by a myriad of both spiritual and design convictions and passions of the how's and why's of what we both do. How beautiful it is when God intervenes in a platform such as a church. Especially in the age we live in.

In our society, I am seeing time and again that most churches are needing more efficiently functional designed space. Since the pastor and his wife come from a professional sports background, they will be working hand in hand with a sports organization to incorporate a gym as their central hub. This has always been their passion to infuse sports and true Christian living as a tool for the surrounding community in reaching local families and children for God. For them it fits. This is their story.

Everyone that I meet with has a slightly different approach in creatively reaching out to their community and fulfilling more opportunities to be among their people and serve in a naturally organic setting. We get to help initiate that into our designs by giving them a place to use their talents and gifts the way God has given them. It is awesome to be in such a design field that houses change to the coldest of hearts, redemption to the most ruined of lives and to know that paved a way in supporting that. Not just once, but story after story for generations to come.  continued >>