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Turning the Page

How one designer navigates the process of moving on to new involvements and activities following a project's completion ...









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By Lisa Masteller

This week I find that I am turning the page on a project that I have been on for nearly two years. My part of the story is coming to a close -- and I honestly feel that I am on the cusp of an emotional tear-fest.

Initially, I find myself thankful. Despite so many challenges we have had to fight and continue to fight as we get CO. In this moment, inside my heart, I find saying goodbye to the people I have worked with for so long a little emotional.

This project, in all honesty, has not been easy and has required me and the team to bend and flex more design muscle than previous facility builds.

Many of them have not only called me friend but have treated me like family. [There were] moments that touched my heart deeply from so many people whose walks of life widely vary from my own, as well as to those in whom I have found a shared creative passion.

Trial, tribulation -- and trust

And then there's the "pull back the curtain" a little more [thoughts], to reveal that just outside of [my personal journey with] chemotherapy and a prayer to the God of this soul, I found that He had this waiting for me all along with my name on it.

This project, in all honesty, has not been easy and has required me and the team to bend and flex more design muscle than previous facility builds.

However, my job and passion must meet in the middle of "Happy and Healthy." Meaning, my job is to bring them a great design aesthetic and architectural functionality, as well as [to] represent and take care for my client first and foremost along the way by keeping the design pure and honest within the constraints of that reality.

To simply move on to the next chapter requires both a celebration and a mourning. To pick up my "tool box" and say hello to the window of opportunities that have come my way or are waiting for me ... I find myself in both unrest and [in] a great sense of relief.

This is me. I will always see myself as just a person first. Not a title. My profession has beautifully unfolded [into] my lap and I have simply embraced it with all I have. By grace, I will keep dreaming of something bigger that hopefully awaits.

So as I begin to switch gears, I try to regain somewhat of an emotional footing to this "in between."

All I know is that when all is said and done and mortar and detail have been set, my biggest gift was the people and experience in seeing God at work without having a single thing to do with it, except to walk through it.

And for that I am yet again encouraged to point to one of the Greatest Loves I will ever know. God is apparently better apt to driving my future than I am by myself.

May I love others like He loves me. And in so doing, always keep my vision not on trends but [on] the eternal value of what's continually around me.



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