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White Paper: A Guide to Selecting Wireless Microphones

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By Gary Parks

Wireless mics can be purchased for under $100 or may require an investment of several thousand per channel. Systems may offer very basic features and passable performance to professional-quality audio and versatile frequency and networking options. Excellent systems for many church applications can be found for several hundred dollars per channel. This middle range has greatly improved in the areas of audio quality and features since the 1990s. What are some key differences?

This eGuide offers tips to help navigate the selection and use of wireless microphones and related devices, such as the differences between analog and digital systems, types of wireless antennas and their applications. An invaluable tool to help your church clients, as they work with you, understand the technology that's available, and what best suits their current and future needs.

This eGuide also includes a special sidebar: Batteries—To Charge or Not to Charge?

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