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White Paper: LED Lighting Technology Ushers in a New Age

LED continues to improve and evolve while remaining within reach of budget-conscious specifiers and end users











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By Christian Doering

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are taking over all kinds of lighting tasks, from portable flashlights to San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, currently the world’s largest light sculpture with 25,000 LEDs. More and more churches are using LEDs for both theatrical lighting and architectural applications, both interior and exterior. However it’s deployed, LED technology offers more creative options than halogen or other incandescent lamps, and is cheaper to operate. For new construction, there’s no going back: the savings on electrical and HVAC infrastructure systems, and the ongoing operational cost savings, are too compelling. Retrofits are more complicated: LEDs do cost more up front than halogens, especially the ones you already own. In addition, you might have to throw out your dimmer racks and replace them with a DMX control system (LED manufacturers have started to ad-dress this problem). How fast will savings on power bills (in some cases, sweetened by rebates from the power company), maintenance, lamp replacement and labor allow you to recoup your initial investment?

Many LED vendors are ready to help you do the math in this in-depth report. Download your copy now.

Click here to download a copy of "LED Lighting Technology Ushers in a New Age"



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