Posted in education on July 23, 2015 2:27 pm EDT

The Church Specifier’s Video Projection Guide

A run-down of some of the new features (and products) your clients are asking about.

Barco Laser Phosphor Projector. Image courtesy of Barco.











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By Cathy Hutchison

The digital world has made visual elements part of our everyday communication. It isn’t enough to hear. We also need to see. Because of this, video projection is part of the architectural vocabulary for church sanctuaries, youth and children’s spaces, meeting rooms and classrooms. Here are some of the latest features that churches are asking about:


While high-end projectors can be expensive, there is also cost of ownership. Lamp replacement is high both in the cost of the component and in the manpower required to replace it. Depending on where the projector is mounted and whether or not the room has catwalks, lift rental or scaffolding may be required to access it. One of the biggest breakthroughs in minimizing this total cost of ownership is laser projection. Most models offer a 20,000-hour lifetime that will last the lifecycle of the projector—and that eliminates maintenance since there are no lamps or filters to replace.

Laser projection, ultra-short throw projection, thin fram projection screens and 4k resolution projection are creating new options for architects to further blend the lines between architecture and technology.

Laser projectors are new to the market and are currently most appropriate for smaller sanctuary use, but expect the technology to spread into more applications. They are good for boardrooms, as well, where a quieter projector is needed.

Barco Laser Phosphor Projector

Barco offers its new laser phosphor projector available in two 6,000-lumen models—with WXGA or WUXGA resolution. The projector delivers “laser-sharp” images with brilliant, rich colors. One of the most significant features of Barco’s model is its silence. Producing a noise level of less than 35 decibels, it is reportedly one of the quietest laser phosphor projectors on the market today, which matters in rooms where acoustic intimacy is desired.

Christie Laser Phosphor Projector

Christie’s high-resolution, 1 DLP laser-diode projectors come in WXGA, HD and WUXGA resolutions and provide a cost-effective solution with outstanding color matching and optional blending and warping for curved surfaces. With features including wireless connectivity and a suite of optional lenses for greater installation flexibility, the Christie GS Series is easy to install and use with input options such as Display Port, HDMI, DVI and HDBaseT. Christie GS Series provides clean, radiant images with up to 5,400 ANSI lumens.

Panasonic Laser Phosphor Projector

Panasonics PT-RZ670 is a laser light source 1-Chip DLP projector with 6,500 lumens of brightness. Panasonic’s original “Quartet Color Harmonizer” reportedly reproduces optimally efficient colors and images that approach those of high-end flagship models intended for large-venue applications.

Sony 3LCD Laser Light Source Projectors

Sony's VPL-FHZ700L and VPL-FHZ55 3LCD Laser Light Source projectors incorporate a true laser light engine and achieve 7,000-lumen and 4,000-lumen color light output, respectively. The company’s light engine uses a blue laser as its light source, which reportedly excites a phosphorous material that in turn creates full spectrum light. The light is delivered to a 3LCD optical system that results in constant, vibrant RGB color.


When designing projection for experiences, one of the considerations is people crossing the projection path. (Ever give a presentation where you had to avoid stepping in front of the PowerPoint?) Short throw projection lenses allow for a projector mounted in close proximity to the projection surface, eliminating the long projection cone.

Christie D Series 3LCD projectors with Ultra-Short Throw Lens Option

The Christie D series with 10,000:1 contrast ratio boasts one of the brightest single lamps in the market, offering XGA, WXGA and WUXGA high resolution. It is whisper quiet and offers performance, quality and easy integration—making it ideal for houses of worship, according to the company. The Single Connect option removes cords, wires and unsightly cable covers from view while the optional Ultra-Short Throw lens provides for exciting new ways to project without worrying about people or objects crossing the light path.

Epson PowerLite Pro G6970WU WUXGA 3LCD Projector

The Pro G6970 accepts several different lenses, including an ultra-short throw model for tight spaces. At 1,920 by 1,200 resolution (WUXGA), the Pro G6970’s imaging can help update any church that’s currently using a lower-resolution projector. The projector’s images show three-times the detail and are formed on three high-temperature polysilicon LCD panels that are combined through sophisticated optics.

NEC Digital Multi-Media Projector

The NEC U321H-WK Digital Multimedia projector is a 3,200-lumen, ultra-short throw projector that is new to the market, with 1920x1080 full HD resolution. The U321H includes a powerful 8W speaker, closed captioning and RJ-45 for remote management over a network, and its input panel includes dual HDMI, VGA.

Barco HDQ-4K35 Projector (see image below: left)

Offering a brightness level of 35,000 center lumens, the HDQ-4K35 projector is capable of showing native 4K content at 60 Hz frame rates. It features a unique integrated design with internal power supply, rental frame and no external chimney fan. What’s more, the HDQ-4K35 is fully ready to be combined with Barco’s groundbreaking 4K screen management system, which allows native 4K projector blending.

Digital Projection International (DPI) Insight 4K Projector (see image below: right)

The new lamp-based, true 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution projector line consists of two models: the dual-lamp 17,500 lumen INSIGHT 4K 930 and the quad-lamp 25,000 lumen Insight 4K Quad, debuted at InfoComm 2015. The high-brightness models are Ideal for venues contending with plentiful ambient light or that need to produce large-scale, high-quality imagery. Both Insight models begin shipping in September 2015.


One of the benefits of ultra-short throw projection is that you can walk right up to the image, which makes them perfect for interactive applications. The following options allow applications combining short throw projection with a whiteboard experience.

Elite Screen’s Classroom Format Projection Screen WB4X10HW is a 4-foot by 10-foot or 5-foot by 10-foot whiteboard projection screen for use with short throw projectors that serves a dual purpose as a magnetic dry-erase instructional whiteboard. The material is coated with an optical nanotech resin that gives the screen its dry-erase function while eliminating the "glare" effect on projection surfaces, as typically experienced on standard whiteboards. It features removable trunnions that attach it to an upright mobile stand to form a stable, freestanding display.  continued >>