Posted in materials on February 9, 2016 9:30 am EST

Colorado Playground Cast-Off Becomes Decor in San Francisco

A designer's vision transforms waffled, translucent tiles from an old Colorado playground into a dividing wall for an upscale West Coast restaurant.

Sessions at the Presidio, San Francisco; images courtesy of Lundberg Design.











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By Church Designer Staff

"Re-use of reclaimed materials for either a new function or a new aesthetic is a very efficient way to eliminate waste, as well as often being very economical."

—Ollie Lundberg, Principal, Lundberg Design, San Fransisco, CA

Designer Olle Lundberg was looking for an offbeat material to make a dividing wall for a restaurant client in the Presidio neighborhood of San Francisco. He couldn't believe his luck when he stumbled upon on a few pallets of waffled, translucent tiles that were formerly used as cushioned safety padding under wood mulch at an outdoor playground in Denver. Lundberg quickly snatched up the tiles and set about fabricating a steel structure to house his the tiles. The end result is now a stunning feature at the new Sessions restaurant in the Bay area.

Translucent, waffled tiles from an old Colorado playground became an upscale restaurant's dividing wall, encased in a steel structure, at the Sessions in San Francisco through the design forethought of Lundberg Design.

Lundberg reports that he found the pallets of translucent treasure at an offbeat Denver-based company called repurposedMATERIALS. The company, with several locations around the nation, is basically an industrial thrift store.

"We spend our days finding crazy, obsolete industrial materials that are generic, versatile, and adaptable. We then put those out to all kind of industries in hopes that they can be used in a very different way in a second life," says repurposedMATERIALS Founder Damon Carson.

Creativity + waste elimination

Architects and designers find all of these industrial materials that Carson sources to be a smorgasbord for both inspiration and design solutions. They have retired ski lift cable that makes spectacular staircase hand railing. Their old railroad rails become foot rests at bars. Their reclaimed gym floors and bleacher wood end up in places like Nike retail stores, according to Carson.  continued >>