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Elation Professional “Visualizes” the Future with Capture Design Software

Elation partners up with Capture Design Software to distribute a professional design package, touted as easy-to-use visualization software with a fast learning curve.

Still of Capture Design Software. Image courtesy of Elation.











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By Church Designer Staff

In April 2013, when Elation Professional entered into an agreement with Capture Visualisation AB of Sweden ( to distribute the company’s well-established Capture lighting design software, it marked the end of Elation’s search for a professional design package to complement the company’s growing product line and the beginning of a rewarding cooperation, the company reports.

"What we didn’t expect was how fast the design process can be, and this gave rise to what is now our primary use for Capture. The ability to put very impressive designs together extremely quickly we now host live design sessions with our clients."

—Jordan Lake, Stage Production Co., Birmingham England

“We’ve been distributing Capture in Europe and the U.S. now for over two years and have built up a strong relationship with the company and a growing number of customers,” states Marc Librecht, sales and marketing manager for Elation Professional in Europe. “As a well-established company with a long-standing and solid reputation, Capture has been an ideal partner for us.”

Fast Learning Curve – More Creative Design Process

Universally regarded as easy-to-use visualization software with a fast learning curve, Capture has found traction in both North America and Europe. Jordan Lake of event planning and services company Stage Production Co. of Birmingham, England, was fully aware of the power of the Capture system, having had a demo at the Elation showroom in Kerkrade, Holland. What took him by surprise though is the speed of the system, he reports, which the company has exploited in order to cooperate more closely with its clients.

“We knew having Capture would instantly provide us with the ability to produce high quality renders and artwork for our customers, and detailed plots and specifications for our crew, exactly what it is supposed to do,” Jordan explains. “What we didn’t expect was how fast the design process can be, and this gave rise to what is now our primary use for Capture. Because of the ability to put very impressive designs together extremely quickly we now host live design sessions with our clients. With client and designer on a sofa in front of big plasma screens, the concept design process is now live, real-time, free-flowing and much more creative.”

Popular with lighting professionals around the globe, Capture allows users to virtually design the lighting, truss system, stage and scenery for shows or installation projects in a 3D environment. It includes a vast library of popular manufacturers’ light fixtures, as well as truss and props and can also incorporate video, Elation reports. The software is also considered to be a valuable sales tool, allowing designers to put together virtual presentations for clients.

“The simple-to-learn user interface is what got us most interested in this product,” says Marc Librecht. “The learning curve is minimal and allows users to start designing shows right away. There is no annual license fee and the speed at which updates are made to the library and feature set are among the best in the business. Support of course was important and any initial concerns we had turned out to be negligible. The market response has been great and because Capture is so powerful and easy to use, our customers have taken to it very well.”

The Next Level

Across the pond in the U.S., touring productions like “The Thorn” and Gabriel Iglesias’s “Unity Through Laughter” tour were designed on a Capture system, and the software has been an important tool in designs for permanent installations across the country. Victor Fable, one of the U.S.’s most sought after lighting designers for television, with credits like “The Rich Eisen Show,” "Survivor," "Guitar Center Sessions," and "America's Best Dance Crew" to his name, spent years buying and trying various visualizers, “but all of them ended up falling short of my expectations,” he says. “Then along came Capture Argo. After a few hours of playing with the program, it became clear Argo is exactly what my office needed. It's incredibly simple to import Sketch Up files, by far the most commonly used program by set and production designers. Argo is a great addition to any lighting designer’s arsenal. It’s the go to item when it's time to take designs to the next level.”  continued >>