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Nomad and Nomad Puck Portable Lighting Controllers

Additions to ETC's lighting-control lineup designed for situations when lighting professionals can’t bring their consoles with them.

ETC Nomad Puck. Photos courtesy of ETC.











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By Church Designer Staff

"It's like having two consoles in one – users don't have to choose between the two control platforms."

—Anne Valentino Eos Product Manager, ETC.

“One of the best features of Nomad and Nomad Puck, is the ability to run either Cobalt or Eos/Element software,” says ETC Eos Product Manager Anne Valentino. “It’s like having two consoles in one – users don’t have to choose between the two control platforms.” Both Nomad and Nomad Puck can serve as a primary controller, a backup or a client device, and can also be used offline.

Nomad is a tiny device that attaches to PCs running either Microsoft Windows 7 or 8, or Macintosh OS X (Mavericks). It is available in four output counts: Nomad 256 that offers half a universe, Nomad 1024 with 1,024 outputs, and Nomad 1,536 outputs – all of which can be upgraded in the field without needing hardware changes – and Nomad 2048, which offers 2,048 outputs. Nomad Puck is a controller that offers all of the advantages of PC-based control but with greater security, because it prevents the download of any programs except ETC applications. “With Puck, users know their content is safe,” explains Cobalt Product Manager Sarah Clausen. “Unlike with laptops, they know that someone can’t use the device for video games or to surf the Internet. It can only be used for programming and running lighting.”

Like Nomad, Puck comes in four output counts: Nomad Puck 1536 with 1,536 outputs, Nomad Puck 1024 with 1,024 outputs, and Nomad Puck 256 with half a universe of output – which are field-upgradeable – and Nomad Puck 2048 with 2,048 outputs. Both Nomad and Nomad Puck can support external fader wings, and they can work with ETC control accessories, such as the Radio Focus Remote (RFR) and the iRFR and aRFR apps for Apple and Android devices.

To learn more about Nomad and Nomad Puck: (visit link)


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