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PTZ Camera Series Designed to Fit Church Use

Ease of operation, clear and detailed picture, low total cost of ownership: these are three key factors houses of worship consider when adding any new piece of technology. Here, Hitachi's answer for church market camera specification.

Hitachi’s PTZ Series Full HD Cameras. Images courtesy of Hitachi.











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By Church Designer Staff

PTZ Series Features:

- Includes six models that offer detailed monitoring & low total cost of ownership

- Cameras support clear & lively video conferencing, video recording & net broadcasting

- Includes six models: the VZ-HD3600A; VZ-HD3650A; VZ-HD3700A; VZHD3780A; VZ-HD4000A; and VZ-HD4900A. The 3600/3700 Series cameras feature a 10X optical zoom lens with Full HD, while the VZ-HD4000A and VZ-HD4900A models use a 25x optical zoom lens.

"The Hitachi PTZ Series cameras offer the lowest total cost of ownership on the market for houses of worship."

—Paul Watkins, Senior National Sales Manager, Hitachi America Ltd.

Ideal for houses of worship, the PTZ Series reportedly offers clear and detailed monitoring on screen with 2.07 million effective pixels, as well as 1920 x 1080 resolution. For large worship spaces and low-light shooting, the PTZ Series also offers adaptive noise reduction and up to seven cameras can be daisy-chained together to eliminate the need for multiple-control cables.

High image quality processing allows the PTZ Series to feature a high signal-to-noise ratio and high resolution using noise reduction technology, while producing faithful color reproduction using a non-linear matrix circuit, and reducing false color signal phenomena. In addition, the company reports, a full HD, two-million-pixel CMOS imaging sensor offers bright colors and high sensitivity.

The PTZ Series also offers 32 preset memories for pan/tilt/zoom and other settings using the remote control unit, and up to 127 presets using external control via RS-232C or RS-422. Various digital video interfaces are available, including 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and DVI-I, says Paul Watkins, senior national sales manager with Hitachi America Ltd.




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