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QSC’s New AcousticPerformance Loudspeaker Models

Company announces the addition of two new models to the AcousticPerformance loudspeaker series, a multipurpose 12-inch coaxial loudspeaker and a dual 12-inch subwoofer.

The new AP-212sw (left) and AP-4122m. Images courtesy of QSC.











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By Church Designer Staff

"Install loudspeakers are often required to perform multiple tasks," says Travis Nie, QSC product manager – install loudspeakers. "Having a product solution that can effectively meet the demands of different applications is invaluable. The new additions to the AcousticPerformance Series offer versatility without compromise. In addition, when you combine these new loudspeakers with the QSC PLD4.2 or CXD4.2 processing amplifiers, you create a formidable yet cost effective package."

"... when you combine these new loudspeaker with the QSC PLD4.2 or CXD4.2 processing amplifiers, you create a formidable yet cost effective package."

—Travis Nie, Product Manager, QSC

AP-4122m is a 12-inch, two-way coaxial system with 40 and 60 degree wedge angles, top hand hold, pole cup, and M10 fittings for flown or yoked applications. The coaxial design reportedly delivers true source point performance with 90 degrees of conical DMT coverage. Directivity Matched Transition (DMT) matches the HF to the natural conical performance of the woofer at the crossover point. This innovation provides a smooth power response both on and off axis, resulting in better sound within real rooms. The AP-4122m is available in black (RAL 9011).

AP-212sw is a dual 12-inch direct radiating subwoofer specifically designed to complement the full range AcousticPerformance models. The AP-212sw features four hand holds, an optional caster kit for ease of transport, two M20 pole mount plates (top/side), and a unique input plate having two NL4 connectors in a crossed configuration. This input plate feature allows a single NL4 cable to power both sub and top without the need for a custom turn cable. The highly versatile AP-212sw matches the width of the popular AP-5122m and new AP-4122m allowing for elegant stacked or pole mounted solutions. When deployed horizontally, the AP-212sw is just 15 inches tall, making it ideal for under riser deployments. Available in black (RAL 9011).

For your system integration needs, complete EASE, CF2, CAD, and BIM files are available for download at (visit link).




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