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Scheduling Meets Digital Signage

Introducing Touch Room Signs and RoomBoard by Visix, designed to allow space scheduling from any location at any time.

RoomBoard, courtesy of Visix.











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By Church Designer Staff

Touch Room Signs are an extension of clients' digital signage. Visix AxisTV content management software lets users create, import, schedule, and publish a wide range of digital media and mass alerts, in addition to room and event schedules, to meeting room signs.

Clients can display room reservations from:

* Microsoft Exchange

* EMS by Dean Evans & Associates

* Google Calendars

* R25/25Live by CollegeNET

* Delphi by Newmarket

* Text file import

Clients can also create a walk-up reservation with just a few touches to the screen, according to Visix, and the reservation is immediately shared with clients' calendar apps to avoid double-bookings. They'll see room availability at a glance with the large on-screen status light, and availability lights on each side that shine GREEN when the room is available and RED when it's busy. Both the company's 10- and 15-inch Touch Room Signs can be surface-mounted or recessed right out of the box, with no additional hardware. Power over Ethernet lets clients run one Ethernet cable to the room sign to supply both power and data, so they don't have to worry about concealing power bricks, Visix reports.


Whether clients are looking for a meeting or a place to meet, Visix interactive RoomBoard is reportedly a one-stop touchscreen wayfinding solution that shows space availability, maps event listings to rooms, and provides a robust, self-service room management solution.

(visit link)


* Custom built design with logo, colors and map

* Interactive map shows available rooms in GREEN, busy rooms in RED

* Total number of currently available rooms shown at the top

Room schedules and availability are fed by a scheduling application such as Exchange or EMS, and Visix reports that it can build in custom controls to allow scheduling right at the screen. All designs include visual paths from "You Are Here" to the target destination, and scrolling tools at the bottom of the screen make the designs ADA-compliant. Clients can integrate the RoomBoard with Touch interactive room signs, all being fed by a central scheduling application and allowing scheduling at the room signs for an enterprise-wide scheduling solution.

For details and pricing, contact Visix at:

For more information about Visix: (visit link)


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