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Signs of Worship

A look at the latest products from APCO Signs that are resonating with church project specifiers.

APCO's interior signage at Colonial Baptist Church, Cary, N.C.











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By Keith Loria

“We feel that our newest system—Elevate—introduced in June of 2016 and winner of the Gold Best-of-NeoCon award for design excellence, will be the most popular system within the next two years.”

—Dillon Cobb, Vice President of Marketing & International, APCO Signs, Atlanta, GA

For more than 40 years, Atlanta-based APCO Signs has provided sign solutions for the worship industry and those who specify its products.

Dillon Cobb, vice president of marketing and international at APCO Signs, notes that for exterior signage, APCO’s SignBar/SignPanel system is an ideal solution for church campuses. “It offers designs that are compatible with virtually any environment, but more importantly, it offers easy updatability to accommodate future growth or change,” he says. “It consists of durable extruded aluminum message bars or panels that are captured within aluminum posts using a unique interlocking detail.”

Hampton Park Baptist Church, Greenville, S.C.

Among the worship facilities that use these signs are Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, N.C., Dunwoody Baptist Church in Dunwoody, Ga., and Harvest Church in Riverside, Calif.

On the inside

When it comes to interior signage, Cobb recommends any of the company’s four primary systems as being ideal in the church setting, although he stresses that the architecture and interior design of the facility will dictate which of the four systems is most suitable.

“Each system, Accord15, FullView, Arcadia and Elevate, is easily updateable to accommodate future change and growth,” he says. “Each also offers features allowing churches to update their own signage graphics in-house, saving time and money.”

Beyond the similarities, however, each of the four products offers a slightly different look to best coordinate with style of a particular church. From traditional framed designs (Accord15 and FullView systems) to modern curved-face (Arcadia system) and sleek frameless (Elevate system) looks, there’s an updatable solution available, Cobb reports.

“These systems are specified so often for worship facilities primarily because of their ease of maintenance and updatability over the long term,” he says. “[Churches] today are ever-expanding, so having a sign system that easily accommodates growth and expansion is ideal.”

The Arcadia system is popular and appeals to architects and designers due to its extruded aluminum sign system that is formed into a gentle arc—designed to hold a variety of inserts. Cobb notes that it appeals to the design community for its limitless design options, as well as its availability in a variety of sizes and as a free standing stanchion, making it an ideal solution for almost any interior environment.

Among the churches who are currently using APCO’s curved-face Arcadia sign system are California Baptist Church in Riverside, Calif., and Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula, Ga.

While the company’s two most popular products for churches are its SignBar/SignPanel system for exterior and curved Arcadia system for interior, Cobb says he expects a new No. 1 product in the years to come.

“We feel that our newest system—Elevate—introduced in June of 2016 and winner of the Gold Best-of-NeoCon award for design excellence, will be the most popular system within the next two years,” he says. “Elevate is a frameless system offering a completely fresh look while maintaining ease of changeability.”  continued >>