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Simple, Aesthetic Option for Exterior Solar Control

Omega Venetian Blinds from Draper are a cost-effective exterior solution to help control solar glare and heat gain.

Exterior showing Omega Venetian Blinds. Image courtesy of Draper.











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By Church Designer Staff

Draper of Spiceland, Ind., offers a number of solar control options right for church projects. Among the exterior solutions is the company's cost-effective Omega Venetian Blinds, designed to slow solar heat gain by keeping solar energy from getting to the glazing.

Omega can be installed on the interior or exterior in double facades. They reportedly offer one of the lowest shading coefficients of any system, reducing the solar energy that gets into a building by as much as 92%, therefore significantly reducing energy costs for cooling. With Omega Venetian Blinds, the slats can be tilted as required to provide effective solar control or can be retracted completely if there is no sun on the facade.

The system is available in both manual (interior only) and motorized versions. Models designed for harsher environmental conditions (sand, dirt, dust) are available. Custom controls can also automate the deployment and retraction of the blinds as well as the tilting of the slats to allow precise energy and light management as well as glare control.

The Omega venetian blind system has excellent view-through when the slats are in the horizontal or partially tilted position, and provides glare control as the slats are tilted to prevent direct sun penetration. The slats are physically connected to the ladder braid using a double omega connection to ensure that the system is stable in the wind and that the slats do not flutter. Guide wires that run through all of the slats are also used on all exterior systems to prevent movement that could result in noise or damage to the system or the façade.

The slats are physically connected to the ladder braid using a double omega connection to ensure that the system is stable in the wind and that the slats do not flutter.

Omega Venetian Blinds reportedly handle wind loads up to a maximum speed of 38 mph (61km). Motorized exterior systems are equipped with an anemometer control system to automatically retract the blinds if the wind speed exceeds the maximum allowable value. Blinds can also be automatically deployed, tilted and retracted in response to the sun conditions in order to provide optimum solar control.

“Since we first opened our doors in 1902, Draper has been in the business of controlling daylight from inside the window,” says Draper Contract Market Manager Chris Broome. “With last year’s introduction of our exterior solar control solutions, we are now in a unique position to offer that control on both sides of the window. We can truly meet any daylighting problem head-on with [our] product mix.”

Draper’s solar control solutions were on display Greenbuild 2014, October 22-23, in New Orleans. For more information, see: (visit link)


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