Posted in materials on October 14, 2015 12:55 pm EDT

Sneak Peak of GLP Presentation at LDI

Exhibiting at booth #571, GLP will have its largest presentation to date at an LDI show, including Impression X-series with three new fixtures and new Cosmic Truss & Scenex Lighting products..

GLP X4 Atom. Images courtesy of GLP.











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By Church Designer Staff

GLP impression X1

GLP reports that specifiers will show considerable interest in the new budget-conscious impression X1. The product marks a departure from other products in GLP's X range by featuring four high powered, 15W RGBW LEDs with a narrow fixed beam output, offering continuous pan and tilt motion in a compact housing.

The fixed beam optics are interchangeable between different angles, starting with the standard 7°. The compact base of the impression X1 houses Neutrik PowerCon in and thru connectors for easy daisy chaining of multiple fixtures, while the power supply is fully auto sensing from 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz.

GLP impression X4 L

Moving up the spectrum, the GLP impression X4 L offers a full package of a pixel mapping LED luminaire with an extremely fast zoom operation from 7° to 50°. An additional feature for the X4 L is an inbuilt accessory holder that can both set an indexed position or rotate continuously.

Built to house beam shapers and other effect filters, this option adds an extra level of versatility in beam control.

For the color system, the X4 L houses 37 high power RGBW LEDs. With their quad color technology and 15W power, they provide both a broad palette and a crisp high intensity output, the company reports.

Rounding out its comprehensive feature set, the impression X4 L offers smooth full range dimming (with no color shift), as well as electronic strobe functionality, variable color temperature correction, and 16-bit pan and tilt control ... all in the sleek baseless design that has become the signature of the GLP impression range.

GLP X4 Atom

The GLP X4 Atom has been designed from the ground up to be a new standard in versatile lighting fixtures. With its small body, designed to fit subtly into the tightest spaces yet give big coverage, the X4 Atom is a new everyday fixture for static sources. From television and film, to corporate events, set lighting and special events, and from concert touring stages to architectural elements, the X4 Atom has a use everywhere, GLP touts.

The X4 Atom is fitted with the same high output quad color LED source used across the X4 range, giving it a bright, full spectrum output. But the X4 Atom houses a lot more, starting with a 9 to 1 ratio zoom that goes from a wide 34° wash down to a tight 3.5° beam for pinpoint accuracy and great mid-air effects -- all the while maintaining a clean output and even distribution of color and intensity.

In addition, as versatility is the key, GLP reports that it made the housing IP 65 rated, allowing it to be used on events and shows all year round, indoors or out. And for times when one X4 Atom isn't enough, the company has created a fast interlock system that allows fixtures to easily be coupled together.

The standard yoke is easily removed and you can quickly assemble pairs, quads, lines and grids of fixtures in any configuration that you need -- and still keep individual control of each Atom, creating stunning displays.

The X4 Atom runs from an external power supply that feeds fixtures via an industry standard 4 pin XLR cable, tapping into existing infrastructure and reducing the overall environmental impact of the Atom.

Cosmic Truss U-Torm 100

The U-Torm system from Cosmic Truss initially hit the market in 2014 and now offers an expanded range with even greater flexibility in creating hanging positions for lighting, video projectors and other equipment. Added to the system is the new U-Torm 100 and U-Top 100 that have been built to accommodate larger pieces of equipment, including high output moving lights, larger loudspeaker, and video projectors and other AV equipment. With an open inside width of 39.3 inches/1 meter, the U-Torm 100 uses the same simple and fast rigging techniques that make it suitable for both permanent and temporary or touring situations.

Allowing continued versatility for designers, the U-Torm 50 and U-Torm 100 can be configured together in a multitude of different set-ups, and customized add-on's can be created using standard off the shelf product from Cosmic Truss's extensive range of adaptors and pipes, which all fit seamlessly together, the company reports.  continued >>