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Technology Focal Point: A Talk with Sony Faith Based Solutions

From intimate venues to ubiquitous presence, Sony announces options for house-of-worship performance space specification.

Sony AWS-750 Anycast Touch Live Content Producer.











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By Carol Badaracco Padgett

The company’s ace appendage, to be specific, is Sony Electronics’ Faith Based Solutions group, headed by National Manager Craig Harper in Park Ridge, N.J. Harper reports that the company is using this division to dial down deep into the niche worship market.

Sony Electronics has a finger on the pulse of modern worship space design and technology needs—along with the equipment and experience to help grab hold of contemporary culture.

“Whether it is a national TV ministry or a church with 1,500 members we have a portfolio that answers their technology needs,” he asserts, “from projectors to wireless mics, production switchers and cameras. Also, our range is important. We have the cameras that are used for Sunday professional football to very affordable HD pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. For the multisite campus, we have the experience and technology to make it a success.”

Intrigued, we asked Harper to tell Designer more in the interview that follows.

Sony MCS8M Compact AV Mixing Switcher.

Designer: What video products of Sony’s are the best fit and most popular for churches?

Harper: We have a couple of production switchers that work in almost every church application. We have the cost-effective Anycast Touch or the compact MC-S8M. A lot of our churches are finding the MVS3000 as the perfect fit. Our line of networkable PTZ cameras is great for the security of the facility. Security in the children’s area as well as the parking lots are so important and our security line up has solutions for our churches.

Sony VPL-FHZ55 3LCD Laser Projector.

Designer: What type of customer support and equipment backing can church designers and end users expect from Sony?

Harper: First of all, I am so proud to say that I am 24/7/365 in my faith responsibilities. My background is in both broadcasting and Christian media. My first paying job was working at a gospel radio station in my hometown. I am the liaison for our customers to Sony. I represent them with our product managers, manufacturers and support. We have the best support engineers in the business. I have known and worked with them for years and now have them as a resource. We can work with our churches and architects on the right solution to fit their plan and, most importantly, their budgets.

Sony MVS3000 Production Switcher.

Designer: What other new products do you foresee—and that Sony may perhaps offer now or in the future—that will have a definite impact on the church worship setting and its design?

Harper: The MVS3000, for example, was designed with input from the church market. I am in conversation with our U.S. product design teams on a regular basis as well as our Japan headquarters on what I am hearing and learning when I visit churches of every size. That input is important because the data goes into product design as well as software updates.  continued >>