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Statement Lighting Brightens a Branded Space

An innovative NYC ad firm brightens its new office space with Plexineon LED lighting. The lighting design has relevance for church hallways and gathering spaces.

iLight Plexineon White 1X 3500 LED fixtures create a custom lighting installation in the offices of a global video advertising-technology company.











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By Church Designer Staff

Teads is a global video advertising-technology company that is growing quickly. The company’s new offices in New York City needed to reflect its dynamic team and culture.

"We needed a seamless, thin profile that gave the illusion of floating light."

—Gerard Toledo, Interior Designer, DMDesign LLC

The vision for the space reportedly included a mix of materials, from the sleek to the organic. While the overall design is minimalist, a main hallway provided an opportunity to have some fun and make a bold statement. The result is a custom lighting installation created with iLight Plexineon White 1X 3500 LED fixtures.

The Design Challenge

“We had a vision of a strong statement to stamp onto the Teads brand,” says Gerard Toledo, interior designer at DMDesign LLC, which designed the space. “Being a leading innovative company in the advertising industry, they needed a physical embodiment of what their company is about: innovation, elegance and moving forward. We developed the imagery and mood that we expected out of a statement piece.”

The idea for that piece evolved into a fixture that would bend and be installed on a suspended mount system along the ceiling so that it appeared to “flow gracefully down the hall like the swipe of a pen or pencil.” It would be unlike anything DMDesign had ever done before, so finding the right product was a must.

“We did a lot of research and contacted many companies and people,” Toledo says. “We needed a seamless, thin profile that gave the illusion of floating light. Only Plexineon lent itself to this kind of application. It provided a lot of flexibility, literally, with the shapes we wanted to get out of the fixture.”

Beyond the product, the design team also relied on iLight to advise them on how to make their vision reality, especially because installation would present challenges.

“With such a free flowing form, finding just the right suspension points and working with existing site conditions — including air ducts — was key,” Toledo says. “Fortunately iLight was experienced in getting the very specific look we were aiming for. We sent them a shop drawing, and they sent us samples, helping us through the design process by explaining our limitations and opportunities. iLight even met with us on site to make clear exactly how installation would work.”

The Plexineon Advantage

Indeed, installation was smooth, and the final result is better than anyone had imagined. The one-of-a-kind fixture embodies the creativity that Teads is known for. Best of all, using Plexineon for the first time sparked the design team’s imagination.

Delphine Mauroit, Principal of DMDesign, says, “It was a huge help and a great learning experience for all of us. It will be interesting to see how else we can further explore lighting possibilities with this material.”

Project Details

Project: Teads New York Office

Site: New York City

Location: Interior Application

Product Use: Direct View

Lighting Design: DMDesign, LLC |

Product: Plexineon White 1X 3500 (interior)

Length: 155 LF (47.2 Meters)

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