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Triumph Series LED Lighting Instruments by Luxium

A color-adjustable DMX luminaire is designed to be compact and easy to use, while delivering high-quality, full-color performance for $299.











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By Church Designer Staff

Made to provide a wide gamut of high-quality colors and pure-white CCT selections in a uniform low-glare beam for production events, theaters, architainment and hospitality venues. Using just 36W to output up to 2,500 lumens of superbly blended light, the New Triumph TR40 is an energy-efficient luminaire designed for the most demanding lighting applications, according to Luxium.

Outside, its lightweight aluminum package is just four inches across and six inches long with interchangeable diffusers and versatile mounting options for quick and easy set-up in any venue. Inside is the powerful Luxium-designed, adjustable-color LED engine with proprietary six-channel color blending using 19 high intensity LEDs. The innovative LED driver technology creates precise colors with no flicker and smooth, full-range dimming along with a wide selection of pre-calibrated white CCTs that provide exceptional color rendering.

The TR40, like all Luxium lights, is twice as efficient as other multi-chip LED fixtures, more compact, lighter weight, and use less energy, according to the company. Luxium representatives also report that the lighting instrument can easily replace much larger and hotter PAR56 can lamps that use 300W floods in stage lights with gel filters. Weighing in at less than three pounds. the fixture is reported to be at home as a downlight wash light or directional flood light mounted on a lighting stand or hanging from a truss -- or sitting on the floor. With wired or wireless DMX control, the TR40 is easy to set up using multiple units for large shows and events.




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