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Tools for Collaborative Learning Spaces POSTED Jan 03, 2018

Yamaha Pro Audio Expands CIS Staff POSTED Jan 02, 2018

Integrator Floods River City Church with Sound POSTED Dec 21, 2017

Architecture Billings Upturn Shows Broad Strength POSTED Dec 21, 2017

Visual Backdrop Uplifts Worship in South Africa POSTED Dec 13, 2017

Iconyx Gen5 Fortifies Mass in Illinois POSTED Dec 04, 2017

Hillsong Church Adopts Versatile Switcher Option POSTED Nov 28, 2017

Building Renovation Welcomes Congregation and Community POSTED Nov 21, 2017

Ecumenical Bridge of Light Casts Wonder in Worms, Germany POSTED Nov 14, 2017

A Timeless Bond in a Transient World POSTED Nov 13, 2017

The 2017 Gift Guide for Church Designers POSTED Nov 09, 2017

Civil War-Era Church Building Gets Revitalized Sound POSTED Nov 09, 2017

Willow Creek Production Standardizes Jetbuilt for Simplified Proposal Generation POSTED Nov 08, 2017

Houston Church Uses Tech to Rise Above Disaster POSTED Nov 03, 2017

Tennessee Architecture Firms Snags Solomon Award for Church Design POSTED Nov 03, 2017

Connecticut’s Historic First Church of Christ Adopts Bose Components POSTED Nov 01, 2017

Sound Solution Delivers Intelligibility for Korean Church POSTED Oct 30, 2017

Digital Mixing Console Spec’d for North Point Ministries Affiliate POSTED Oct 27, 2017

Pennsylvania Multisite Gets Signature Sound POSTED Oct 26, 2017

A Texas Design for Community Engagement POSTED Oct 24, 2017

Texas Faith Center Spec’d EAW for Satellite Sanctuary POSTED Oct 20, 2017

Maryland Multisite Shines with Sound POSTED Oct 19, 2017

Arkansas Church First to Employ Martin Audio’s Wavefront Precision Compact Arrays POSTED Oct 18, 2017

Washington State House of Worship Gains Digital Power, Analog Warmth POSTED Oct 10, 2017

Lighting Design Draws in North Carolina Worshippers POSTED Oct 10, 2017

Line Arrays Steer Clarity at St Paul’s Church in Abu Dhabi POSTED Oct 09, 2017

Absen Targets LCD Applications with New Acclaim LED Series POSTED Oct 06, 2017

LED Video Wall Deepens Worship Impact in California POSTED Oct 05, 2017

Mississippi Church Gets Improved Audio Clarity POSTED Oct 03, 2017

Growing Oregon Church Scores Live Streaming Systems Upgrade POSTED Sep 30, 2017

Swiss Church Upgraded for Audio Intelligibility and Aesthetics POSTED Sep 27, 2017

LED Video Wall Elevates Sanctuary Worship Experience POSTED Sep 22, 2017

Architecture Billings Index Continues Growth Streak POSTED Sep 20, 2017

Simple Structure, Complex Outreach POSTED Sep 15, 2017

North Carolina Church Puts Emphasis on Every Word, Every Note POSTED Sep 12, 2017

Ecuadorian Church Takes a Step Up in Audio Gear POSTED Sep 07, 2017

British Custom-Build Organ Company Launches in U.S. POSTED Sep 06, 2017

Metro Atlanta Megachurch Puts Best Face Forward POSTED Sep 05, 2017

From Dairy Farm to House of Worship POSTED Aug 31, 2017

Tennessee Church Hits High Sound Goals on a Limited Budget POSTED Aug 31, 2017

Consultant Outfits NC Chapel With Budget-Conscious LED Solution POSTED Aug 30, 2017

Manitoba Church’s Sound Thrives with Beam-Steering Technology POSTED Aug 24, 2017

4K Remote-Camera Operation Gets Power Insertion, Long-Distance Boost POSTED Aug 22, 2017

80-Foot Video Wall Graces Catholic Youth Conference POSTED Aug 17, 2017

Industrial NY Loft Spurs Gathering Space Ideas POSTED Aug 15, 2017

The Art of Hidden Sound POSTED Aug 03, 2017

New Audio Energy Revitalizes Aging Sunshine State Church POSTED Aug 01, 2017

Streaming-Focused SRT Alliance Announces 21 New Members POSTED Jul 31, 2017

New York Hotel Restoration Echoes Church Design Concerns POSTED Jul 20, 2017

New Mexico Chapel Showcases Magnificent Spiral Staircase POSTED Jul 20, 2017

Audio Alternative: The 411 on Stealth Acoustics POSTED Jul 19, 2017

Quiet, Dignified Wheelchair Lifts Meet ADA Requirements POSTED Jul 18, 2017

Blending Timeless Looks with Technology POSTED Jul 18, 2017

Elation Expands LED Wash Fuze Series with Fuze PAR Z175 POSTED Jul 13, 2017

San Antonio Church Spec’d for Sound Flexibility POSTED Jul 12, 2017

Integrator Chooses Bose RoomMatch for Minnesota Worship Space POSTED Jul 07, 2017

North Carolina Multisite Upgrades to Martin Audio POSTED Jul 06, 2017

Designers Complete Modern Redesign of New York Catholic High School Library POSTED Jul 05, 2017

Ohio Church Upgrades to Digital Audio Mixing POSTED Jun 23, 2017

Renkus-Heinz Introduces New SA Series Amplifiers POSTED Jun 21, 2017

Youth Ministry Gets Sound Renovation in Arizona POSTED Jun 21, 2017

New Jersey Church Gets Praise for New Sound System POSTED Jun 13, 2017

Church Production Magazine Launches New Online Presence POSTED Jun 13, 2017

New Hampshire Worship Conference Packs Punch with AVL Upgrade POSTED Jun 08, 2017

University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Old Chapel Unveiled POSTED Jun 07, 2017

Intelligibility Takes the Stage at Australian House of Worship POSTED Jun 06, 2017

Washington State Church Spec’d Volunteer-Friendly Power System POSTED Jun 01, 2017

Sound Renovation Clarifies Message in India POSTED May 25, 2017

Sophisticated Sound Spec’d at Garden State Church POSTED May 24, 2017

Spiritual Renewal POSTED May 15, 2017

Liberty University Concert Hall Delivers Acoustic Flexibility POSTED May 09, 2017

JVC Brings End-to-End Live Production and ENG Solutions to NAB 2017 POSTED May 09, 2017

Multiple Solutions for New Zealand Temple POSTED May 08, 2017

Pretty Place Chapel Called Heaven on Earth POSTED May 08, 2017

Pella Awarded Yearly for Focus on People and Environment POSTED May 03, 2017

Beck Group Earns International Architecture Award POSTED Apr 27, 2017

Texas Church Begins Multi-Phase Electro-Acoustic Renovation POSTED Apr 27, 2017

Veteran Church Architect Joins Southeast Church Design Firm POSTED Apr 24, 2017

Toronto Worship Space Gets Loud and Clear POSTED Apr 24, 2017

Illinois Worship Stage Pops With High-Impact Visual Effects POSTED Apr 21, 2017

Lunar Light Graces Common Space POSTED Apr 19, 2017

Point Source Audio Unveils Mic with Built-In Backup POSTED Apr 04, 2017

Elevation Church Leverages Multitrack Capabilities of Mobile Sound Truck POSTED Apr 04, 2017

Nexo NeMo Remote Control Now Available for MAC-OS POSTED Mar 31, 2017

ETC Introduces Prodigy P2 Rigging Hoist POSTED Mar 31, 2017

Gerriets Introduces UltraBrite Projection Fabric POSTED Mar 30, 2017

Maker of Pro Sound Reinforcement Technology Announces Loudspeaker Innovations POSTED Mar 30, 2017

Welle Announces New Wall-Mountable Automation Device POSTED Mar 29, 2017

Hitachi Introduces Its First 3,500-Lumen LED Projector POSTED Mar 28, 2017

2017 Elbert M. Conover Memorial Award Winner: Rabbi David Stern POSTED Mar 20, 2017

Texas Church Wrangles New Digital Mixing System POSTED Mar 16, 2017

Historic Strand Theatre in Maine Upgrades Loudspeakers POSTED Mar 14, 2017

StreamGuys to Launch SaaS Service for Video Stream Repurposing POSTED Mar 14, 2017

City Museum Takes Repurposing to an Art POSTED Mar 11, 2017

College of the Holy Cross Gets a Ballroom Audio Makeover POSTED Mar 09, 2017

Upping a Colorado Church’s Audio Quality POSTED Mar 02, 2017

New Audio System for Historic Los Angeles Cathedral-Style Church POSTED Mar 01, 2017

HDTV Cameras Spec’d for Willow Creek Upgrade POSTED Mar 01, 2017

Faith & Architecture Prayer Breakfast Planned in Orlando POSTED Feb 28, 2017

Stream Music from a Work of Art? POSTED Feb 23, 2017