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A Texas Design for Community Engagement

A plan for Brookhaven Church in McKinney, Texas, is put into motion with Senior Pastor Glenn Meredith and church design and architectural firm Building God's Way.

Brookhaven Church, McKinney, Texas; artwork courtesy of BGW.











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By Keith Loria

Five years ago, Brookhaven Church relocated its church to McKinney, Texas, bought some land and started contemplating how new facilities could best represent the community.

“We didn’t want to build a facility we would just use for a couple of hours; we wanted to build something that would be a service and a blessing for the community to use all week,” says Glenn Meredith, senior pastor of the church. “We wanted people to look at us and see our church as a place they wanted to come.”

Collaboration around a common goal

With that in mind, Meredith and his staff met with reps from the church design and architectural firm, Building God’s Way, who matched the church up with S&B Construction, and together they set a plan in motion.

“We wanted people to look at us and see our church as a place they wanted to come.”

—Glenn Meredith, Senior Pastor, Brookhaven Church, McKinney, TX

“What was evident from the first meeting we had was that these two could design the church and get it built,” says Mike Mossburg, executive pastor at the Brookhaven. “They had great suggestions on how it should be done and understood our desires. They worked diligently to help us design a beautiful functional facility at the least cost possible.”

When complete, the 30,136-square-foot project will include a sanctuary, daycare, café, sports courts, playground (with a splash pad) and includes a retail pad for a fast-food restaurant to be added in the future on a portion of the church property.

“We designed the building five different times, and helped to make it sustainable,” says Ken Lee, head of business development for CCG Construction, a subsidiary of S&B Construction. “Part of the building is designed in a way to prepare for the future."

Looking ahead, together

As of Oct. 21, 2017, the project had reached Day 100, with members of the church congregation invited out to write some of their favorite scripture on the structure being built. The plan is to open in May 2018.

Meredith says that learning an interesting statistic five years ago changed his way of thinking about his church—75% of all people who come to Christ do so by age 14 or 15.

“We realized that while we were doing everything we could to reach out to the older demographic, we decided we needed to turn our emphasis to children and youth,” he says. “McKinney is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., with a lot of families and children, and we felt like God was sending us here to minister to these kids and their families and use that as a means to disciple to them.”





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