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A Winning Design Season

Each spring and summer brings a healthy dose of competition to every sport and discipline: soccer to architecture. Chicago-based Architecture Is Fun annouces Design Awards for the DuPage Children's Museum.

DuPage Children's Museum, Naperville, Ill. Images courtesy of Architecture is Fun.











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By Church Designer Staff


DuPage Children's Museum was one Architecture Is Fun's first projects, one that owners Peter and Sharon Exley report has always been dear to their hearts. Last year, a devastating flood brought the company back onboard, alongside the original contractor, Graycor Construction, new contributors from Chicago Scenic Studio, and the company's work associates from Forbo Flooring Systems. Together, the large team, artists, makers, doers and more than 1,000 volunteers helped re-open the museum to visitors.

Judges awarded youth and play spaces created by Architecture Is Fun for DuPage Children's Museum, Naperville, Ill.

Consequently, Architecture Is Fun reports being delighted to announce the following awards:

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Chicago Small Projects Award: DuPage Children's Museum Pyramid Bench

Early during the restoration, the company made pyramids with staff from blocks deemed too small to be safe for museum visitors. That "play date" led to the concept of the super-scaled Pyramid Bench, which creates unique spatial understandings, the Exleys report. A juror noted that the bench, which is part public space and part public engagement, was "an active object that encourages exploration and movement."

Chrysalis Regional Remodeling Award: DuPage Children's Museum Remodeling Project

Architecture Is Fun and Graycor Construction won the Chrysalis Remodeling Award for their collaborative effort in restoring the museum, designing at high speed, phasing construction, maintaining safety and structural integrity, and staying true to the original high-quality learning facility. The Exleys report designing sustainable branded learning environments, added beauty and art (with the help of Emmy Star Brown, Molly Z. & Luftwerk), and re-opened the museum's signature big red doors with an eye to the future -- on time and on budget.

Vision Design Award: DuPage Children's Museum - Education Category

The Vision Design Award for Education is awarded for design innovation and excellence on a unique application of flooring materials. Architecture Is Fun's commitment to technology and sustainability is reflected in the artful design of trusted product from Forbo Linoleum. The new public thoroughfare that increases visibility extends high-quality walk-off mats, keeping the museum clean, while the snazzy fuzzy flooring (Flotex by Forbo) delineates zones of interactivity, absorbs sound, and captures allergens and dust, according to Architecture Is Fun.


Architecture Is Fun is proud to announce the following award for Young At Art Museum:

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Chicago Small Projects Award: Museum Cave

The Cave is the intriguing portal to Young At Art Museum. Within this portal, projected imagery flashes, morphs and lingers – 5,000 years of art’s histories shown in chronological order, ending with inhabitants of the cave displayed as the lasting image of the timeline. Architecture Is Fun reports extending kudos to its collaborators: Executive Director Mindy Shrago and her education team, Fun Finders, who acted as commissioning agent and video co-producer, Cave artist and lighting designer Tracey Dear of Dear Productions, and RedBox Workshop.

To experience these unique spaces, head for Young At Art Museum in Davie, Fla., DuPage Children's Museum in Naperville, Ill., or Architecture Is Fun's newest project at the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum, St. Augustine, Fla.




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