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Blueprints Hit the Road

PlanGrid mobile construction management software is designed for use in the field, where it provides real-time updates and seamless file sync'ing over Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

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By Erica Cottrill

What is PlanGrid?

The San Francisco-based start up, PlanGrid, is reported to be the leader in construction software for the field, having been used by tens of thousands of contractors, owners, and architects to finish their projects on time and under budget. The company stores more than 50 million sheets of digital blueprints.

Storing this much information in digital form is a Godsend, reports current CEO and Co-Founder Tracy Young. "PlanGrid is the single place where our customers can collect and manage everything on paper: drawings, submittals, markups, photos, issues and RFIs. Saving and sharing all this information in one place means our customers don’t waste time mis-communicating or tracking down answers. Ultimately, this helps them keep labor costs low while getting paid for all the work they accomplish," she notes.

PlanGrid emerged from Y Combinator in 2012, securing more than $62 million in funding from well known organizations and individuals, including Sequoia, Tenaya Capital, Northgate, Founders Fund, Box, GV, and Spectrum 28. In May 2016, Carol Bartz, the former CEO of Autodesk and Yahoo!, joined the board of PlanGrid, which now has 250+ employees worldwide.

Crystal ball

Church Designer caught up with Young to find out how much PlanGrid software has gained traction in the market since 2012, and what lies ahead for the fledgling company. She reports that some habits die hard.

Tracy Young, CEO & Co-Founder, PlanGrid, San Francisco, CA

"The construction industry still relies on paper, email, and phone calls to do [its] work," Young notes. "What’s more, field workers have been slow to adopt technology because clunky laptops, slow PDF readers, and complicated software just don’t fly in the field. PlanGrid solves these challenges. It’s mobile-first, fast, and easy-to-use, so teams can work more efficiently using simple solutions."

As its awareness and usage has grown in the field, PlanGrid now offers iOS, Android and Windows apps along with desktop.

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