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Elevation Church Leverages Multitrack Capabilities of Mobile Sound Truck

North Carolina megachurch engages mobile production specialist TNDV to help in recording songs and sermons during its 10th anniversary revival.

The revival and ensuing live sound project reportedly filled all 1,600 seats of Elevation Church’s Ballantyne, N.C., campus.











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By Church Designer Staff

Elevation Church—a multi-campus Southern Baptist Church based in Charlotte, N.C.—recently called on mobile production specialist TNDV Television Inc. out of Nashville, Tenn., and the multichannel recording and playout services of "Vibration," its state-of-the-art audio truck. The 10-day project, which also leveraged TNDV’s on-site engineering services, was held to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of Elevation Church’s Code Orange Revival worship event.

"Every night’s show was a little different from the one before, except that we needed to capture the same clean, high-quality sound for each one."

—Adam Ellis, Senior Audio Engineer, TNDV, Nashville, TN

The revival reportedly filled all 1,600 seats of Elevation Church’s Ballantyne, N.C., campus. While the Ballantyne facility has a state-of-the-art broadcast TV studio that was used to produce a live HD webcast of the revival for, Elevation Church also wanted to release a live worship album of the event. That album, featuring 13 original songs, was made available for download in March 2017 with a CD release expected in the first half of 2017.

Since TNDV was instrumental in helping Elevation Church record its last worship album, over a year ago, the church asked TNDV back again to provide its 53-foot Vibration recording studio/control room on wheels for recording the album. Elevation Church Audio Engineer Garrett Davis boarded Vibration and took the controls to mix and record all of the live audio for the 10-day revival.

"Our live albums are a huge part of our ministry, and getting the songs that are birthed in our church out to minister to others is really important to us,” says Davis. “We only get one shot to capture these events and I need to be able to rely on the team, gear, and systems we have in place to work smoothly and not [detract] from what's happening in the room. It's all about teamwork, and TNDV has been a huge resource for us.”


TNDV Senior Audio Engineer Adam Ellis was on-site to supervise all technical support services from setup through tear down—13 days in all—to ensure an optimal experience and outcome. “Our mission was to provide a technically capable environment where Garrett could focus on recording the album without tying up the TV studio’s audio resources that they needed to devote to the telecast,” Ellis reports.

The technical set-up included 128 pre-amps on a full split, meaning that every input was loaded up with sources, including dozens of microphones of all types, positioned on stage, on talent and throughout the auditorium.

“This was a one-shot deal, with fast-paced production and live mixing on the fly, so we had to get it right the first time,” Ellis says. “Every night’s show was a little different from the one before, except that we needed to capture the same clean, high-quality sound for each one. And while the music and sermons were the primary focus, Elevation Church considers the audience and ambient sounds to be a vital part of capturing the overall experience for listeners.”


While Elevation Church’s production crew is top-notch, technical support services were invaluable because of the firepower Vibration offers, including the large Studer Vista 9 digital mixing system. With its 256 remote inputs and 128 local inputs, the Studer desk is capable of creating mixes for multiple feeds at once, in either 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. It provides VistaMix automixing and VistaFX surround effects, with Dolby encoding and decoding. And it can service multiple stages via single mode fiber and record up to 256 tracks onto ProTools HDX11 with back-up recording onto JoeCo BBR-MADI recorders.

“The Studer sounds amazing, and the truck is a lot of fun to mix in,” Davis notes. “Its routing options and console flexibility make working with fast changes and ever-changing input lists a breeze.”

He adds, “Each time we do a project with the TNDV team, they come excited, prepped, and ready to go. They always have my back, and I will continue to use them as a great resource to help us get the job done right."




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