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Illinois Worship Stage Pops With High-Impact Visual Effects

Calvary Church in Naperville, Ill., and its Breakaway weekend retreat get a boost in presence from ACL 360 Bar fixtures by Elation.

Calvary Church's NXT Breakaway 2017 event, Naperville, Ill. Images courtesy of Elation.











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By Church Designer Staff

The high-impact visual effect that a dozen or so ACL 360 Bars can make in a stage design can sometimes take you by surprise, reports Justin Litterio, lighting designer. That eye-opening effect was exemplified when Litterio turned to Elation’s popular rotating LED color-changing batten for Calvary Church’s recent NXT Breakaway events.

NXT is a high school youth group located at Calvary Church in Naperville, Ill., and Breakaway is the annual winter weekend retreat of activities, competitions, worship and music. Litterio has designed the lighting for the Breakaway events for the past couple of years, and this year turned to the ACL 360 Bar to light musical acts at two separate retreats, one in Lake Geneva, Wis., and another in Carlinville, Ill.

Specification report

“I chose the ACL 360 Bars for their bright blade-like look,” says Litterio, who has spec’d the ACL 360 Bar fixtures on other events but says this was his first time operating them. “Coupled with their 360-degree motion and pixel map ability, I was able to create dynamic looks as well as motion texture backgrounds from the same light.” He reports placing the fixtures on truss towers in vertical groups of three at staggered heights to provide eye candy as well as textured backgrounds, impressionable looks that filled the stage in sweeps of narrow-beamed, colored light. He notes that the look was so well received that other youth groups at the event were asking for the same gear for their retreats.

Production lighting vendor for both retreats was Chicago-based JR Lighting Design Inc., in it second year providing lighting for the Calvary Breakaway events. “The ACL 360 Bars are an excellent addition to our rental inventory,” comments Jason Reberski, president at JR Lighting. “We have utilized them both in local production as well as national touring applications. They are bright, reliable and accepted on riders. What’s not to love?”

Round out the lighting arsenal

Also in the rig at both retreats were SixPar 100 LED Par color changers, used to provide a wide array of color washes onto the audience. Placed evenly along two 40-foot trusses running the length of both sides of the room, the SixPars were chosen for their “bright even wash, wide gamut of colors and the minimal detracting from the COB chipsets,” Litterio says, adding that having the UV in the SixPar’s color choice was key since this event had a lot of glow parties.

Reberski adds, “The SixPar and SixBar ranges have been very successful for us. In fact, it is rare that we provide a tour or show that doesn't have a few SixBars or SixPars on it! They produce a wide range of color and high quality white light mixes in a host of form factors and the addition of true ultraviolet LEDs increases their usefulness in our inventory.” Used to provide the atmospheric haze and mid-air projection canopy on the shows were powerful yet fluid-sipping Antari Z-350 Fazers.




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