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New Jersey Church Gets Praise for New Sound System

Growing Korean-American Praise Church in Somerset, N.J., undergoes installation of an FBT sound system. The result? A congregation singing its praises.

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By Church Designer Staff

“Some time ago,” says Eric Ig-Hown Chung, director of Media Production & Engineering (MPNE) of Englewood, N.J., “my rep, Tom Viola of John B. Anthony Co., introduced me to FBT X-LITE and X-PRO products for showcase events that we were involved in. At one point, I decided to use them for a five-hour summer concert. Well, the weather was ridiculously hot; it hit 102 degrees at the highest point and I was very worried that the speakers would overheat, especially since they were black. Not only did they hold their own that day, the sound quality remained consistent and outstanding. Ever since, my first choice speakers has always been FBT.”

Design for audio excellence

For Praise Church, a fast-growing Korean-America house of worship in Somerset, N.J., Chung chose to use FBT speakers – three 210LAs on each side, bottom; one 118FSA on each side, top; and four 210Las in the center – to meet a challenge presented by the structure of the main chapel, which presented dead spots due to greater horizontal dimensions than vertical ones. The line array ensures even, clear coverage throughout the room, Chung reports.

“Both the church leaders and the congregation love the new system,” Chung says. “They feel the sound is more accurate and clear, whether covering music or the people who are speaking. They were completely stunned by the quality and, because of that, we have been calling the Muse 210LA the ‘Italian Stallion.’ ”

Beyond specification

MPNE provides audio, video, production and engineering services for houses of worship, corporate conferences, live concerts and tours in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware. However, in addition to installing top-notch systems, they also make it a point to coach the in-house sound technicians on how to maximize their new equipment.

“Not everyone can engineer sound well. That’s where our team comes in. We want our clients to feel confident with using their new rigs after we install them – particularly in houses of worship, where getting balance is so important."

—Eric Ig-Hown Chung, Director, Media Production & Engineering (MPNE), Englewood, NJ

“Not everyone can engineer sound well,” adds Chung. “That’s where our team comes in. We want our clients to feel confident with using their new rigs after we install them – particularly in houses of worship, where getting balance is so important, yet challenging to achieve. In a church, a sound system has to support people who are speaking, then a single voice and instrument at one point, but full bands and choirs at others. The levels of sound are all different in each scenario, but one system has to handle it all perfectly. After providing our clients with a highly capable and professional system, we want those same clients to feel completely comfortable using it. We like FBT because it makes all of our clients sound fantastic.”




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