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Systems Integration Company Announces Invisible Speaker Solution

Washington state's Stealth Acoustics innovates in the audio and visual space with amplification and DSP-based processing to create a totally invisible sound.

Stealth Acoustics' reps report that the company's invisible speaker solutions are ideal in a church setting, where they help keep the architectural aesthetics intact. Images courtesy of Stealth Acoustics.











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By Keith Loria

Stealth Acoustics is a division of Dimensional Communications Inc., a premier systems integration company based in Mount Vernon, Wash., that came up with a full-range invisible speaker solution. The company has continued to innovate in the audio and visual space with amplification and DSP-based processing to create a totally invisible sound, it reports.

Just as the name implies, invisible speakers are speakers that are installed into walls and ceilings, then are covered with joint compound and painted or papered over. These are ideal in a church setting, since it keeps the architectural aesthetics intact.

Steve Olszewski, vice president of Stealth Acoustics, says one of the company’s products is a thin, wall-mountable motorized screen cover, utilizing a completely flat-front radiating surface that can be finished with any custom artwork.

Steve Olszewski, Vice President, Stealth Acoustics, Mount Vernon, WA

“It’s frame-able, movable art that rolls up like a window shade and covers a flat panel screen when not in use,” he says. “This is a good fit for a church setting, [because] it allows a graphical representation of a church’s message.”

Another core product that works well in a worship setting is Stealth Acoustics' Dimensional Display Systems, a cost-effective fixed-installation modular approach to video screens that uses high-definition, LED technology rather than projectors and screens.

“Also germane to the church setting are our Image speakers, which are low-profile, flat-front speakers that mount and flank next to a flat panel display to reinforce much better sound quality out of the TV,” Olszewski says. “The flat-front sealed box of an Image speaker can be painted and wrapped with any digital image that could be printed, such as the liturgy messaging of the church.”





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