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Top 10 Most Interesting .design Use Cases

With more than 70,000 .design domains registered in the past two years, there are great use cases of the domain extension around the world. Take a look at this superb sampling.











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By Church Designer Staff

With more than 70,000 .design domains registered in the past two years, there are great use cases of the domain extension around the world. Here are just 10 of the most interesting .design websites. One great part about .design sites is that they generally tend to be more beautiful and navigable than other sites on the Internet.

Many of the famous companies below know that designers are prodigious content creators and consumers and by sharing content from their teams, including open source resources like origami.design from Facebook, they are increasing their clout and reach in the wider design community. While some of this is surely altruistic, supporting the same online communities that fostered individual team members before and at their current places of work, it is also aimed at recruiting the next generation of design talent. This is why the design departments are given focused destinations to showcase their own work in a way they would never be able to on their main .com sites.

1. facebook.design

As one of the earliest .design adopters, the Facebook design team created a content-rich website to promote its design culture, share free resources, and inspire other designers.

2. airbnb.design

Airbnb is all about community and so its .design website also fosters a strong community culture. They use the site to share their team stories and discuss new product features, but they also feature content from those outside of Airbnb just as often as they do their own content.

3. kohler.design

As one of the most respected and international home brands, Kohler.design is giving the brand a fresh, young look with designs and lifestyle stories. The website is full of global design event information, from North America to Southeast Asia, from Europe to Africa. They established the Bold.Art. program, as well as Design Forum, to encourage conversations and collaborations on design projects around the world.

4. uber.design

The company likely wanted to respond to recent criticism in a subtle way, by sharing the passion and work of its dedicated employees and the design team in particular. The use of uber.design is helping the company improve its public profile by advocating diversity and inclusion. Similar to other tech brands that use .design, Uber’s design team is also using the website to gain attention from aspiring designers.

5. npr.design

NPR is more highly esteemed than ever as its podcasts reach a new generation. Here they are collecting stories about design that appear on their programs as well as sharing insight from their own design team. With less focus on recruiting than other sites, the website echoes what the radio does best: storytelling.

6. atlassian.design

Having recently upgraded its brand identity, Atlassian uses atlassian.design as a design handbook. This approach makes sense for such a collaboration focused software company: they want to make their brand guidelines, marketing kit, and product development approach available to anyone that is interested.

7. detroit.design

Detroit.design is the official site for Detroit Center For Design and Technology, part of Lawrence Technological University. The program focuses on education, incubation and exhibition. The center was smart to grab a domain that brands their work to all of design in Detroit, especially as the city experiences another renaissance and rebuilds from its economic collapse. Detroit is rising, and designing, again and the DCDT will be a key player in that.

8. gdc.design

The Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) started using gdc.design as its main site this year, switching from .net. Their move highlights the specificity that comes from using a .design domain. Since they couldn’t get the .org, and declare themselves an association in that way, they settled on the meaningless .net. Despite lengthening their URL they added keyword rich specificity.

9. origami.design

Origami Studio is a prototyping design tool built and used by designers at Facebook. Its own products like Facebook, Messenger and Instagram were built with Origami Studio. The website provides tutorial videos, documentation and examples for designers to learn how to use the tool and fosters an online community for people to ask questions and exchange experiences. This means that Facebook is not only giving open source resources to the global design community but that potential applicants may already know how to use their in-house tools when they apply to work at Facebook.

10. womenwho.design

The site was born when an influential female designer asked Twitter followers to name female designers that they believe are important to follow. One intrepid woman, Jules Forrest, took it up herself to learn how to develop against the Twitter API and cull profiles of women in design leadership and management.

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