Posted in practice on February 7, 2015 7:11 pm EST

Panasonic Offers Products for Professional Performance, Peace of Mind

A Church Designer exclusive interview with John Rhodes of Panasonic Systems Communications Co. North America.

AW-HE120 HD/SD pan/tilt/zoom camera in white (left) & AW-HE60 PTZ camera (right). Images courtesy of Panasonic.  /  Launch gallery (in new window)











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By Carol Badaracco Padgett

Big name companies can’t make it in today’s marketplace unless they get down to the level of their end-users and specifiers. And that means understanding what those users need and want and delivering it. Panasonic provides a compelling example of a big company that’s thought through all the little details to deliver all-encompassing service.

"There are multiple benefits to IP control, but a few of [them] are reduced cabling (thus improving installation and reducing cabling costs), as well as ease of use."

—John Rhodes, Product Manager, System Cameras & Switchers, Panasonic Systems Communications Co. North America, Newark, NJ

Church Designer caught up with the company’s product manager, John Rhodes, with the system cameras and switchers division of Panasonic Systems Communications Co. North America based in Newark, N.J., to ask specific questions on behalf of the AEC.

What does Panasonic offer, specifically, to architects and AVL designers and integrators who are working to create excellent modern worship spaces for churches?

Rhodes: Panasonic helps faith communities of every denomination navigate the complexities of ever-changing technology with long-term, strategic solutions that further their missions today—and for years to come. We offer an array of products including projectors, professional video camera, and Line AV solutions. Whether you need to produce a global broadcast or add multimedia impact to your services, Panasonic can be your single source for equipment, systems design, installation and long-term support. You can count on us for technology consultation, flawless on-time, on-budget deployments and the industry’s most reliable electronics hardware.

What are the top Panasonic products that architects, engineers and consultants are spec'ing for house of worship projects—and why are these products so successful in the house of worship environment?

Rhodes: The Panasonic PTZ and studio camera systems are top products for house of worship. These [products] extend their service to annex as well to hospice and remote congregations.

Affordability is most always a factor in the church environment, as well as support during installation and training afterward. How does Panasonic support the professionals during installation and the church teams afterward?

Rhodes: When aware of the project prior to installation, Panasonic Engineering can assist the system integrator of choice with the system design to ensure the exact Panasonic models are specified to meet the application and budget, integrate with any third-party products, and ensure proper workflow. When a system is designed properly prior to installation, this greatly improves installation efficiency and costs. During installation, while Panasonic does not perform the installation, Panasonic Engineering makes itself available to the system integrator of choice to answer any questions or [assist with] last-minute changes.

Once installation is complete, if desired, Panasonic can provide training to the church on any or all of the Panasonic products in the system. Lastly, Panasonic has a world-class warranty policy and world-class service organization in the unlikely event [that] any Panasonic products fail or require repair.  continued >>





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