Posted in practice on March 3, 2016 10:23 am EST

A Tempest of Light

Wisconsin's compact Blizzard Lighting aims to take the lighting industry by storm. A Church Designer exclusive report.

Blizzard Lighting offers an effective yet simple process: "service, parts, and after-sale support. " (Image: Shutterstock.)











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By Carol Badaracco Padgett

Smaller and better. Those are two words that can describe today’s lighting fixtures as well as a Wisconsin manufacturer of them: Blizzard Lighting LLC in Waukesha, Wisc.

“We’re not encumbered by being a big corporate company,” says Director of Sales and Marketing Frank Luppino. “And so we’re very fast in realizing and creating technology.”

In addition to innovation in its fixtures, Blizzard strives to offer “better quality, better color mixing, better technology, more features—for a better value,” Luppino notes. “A majority of the products we offer that are right for churches have ETL certification testing, which is independent testing, and they can be installed anywhere in the world.”

Church Designer: Your website says "Stage lights for performers by performers." How did the precedence of offering high quality products through a small and nimble company come about?

Luppino: Business partners Will [Komassa] and Bob [Mueller] were musicians and met in a band. Will started the company because he found a need in the market for quality lights. He’s also a lawyer and a theatre major, and as a musician, he has a passion for the lighting field. A number of employees here are musicians, DJs, MCs, and many actually started in this industry via a production company—they are working users of this product. So they have knowledge of installing product.

Frank Luppino, Director of Sales & Marketing, Blizzard Lighting LLC, Waukesha, WI

When you put that category of people together it’s pretty amazing. Every other Friday morning we have company meetings for an exchange of ideas … how can we make it better? And everybody is involved in that.

We are the only company in the industry that final assembles or QCs every item before it ships. This policy and process limits the amount of issues we have in the field.

Church Designer: AVL designers, contractors and consultants working with churches know that they need solid support from a manufacturer, because oftentimes the tech staff running the lights and maintaining them are a mish mash of experienced people and volunteers. How does Blizzard cater to this unique makeup of end users in the church market?

Luppino: We have qualified technicians on staff, and we have most parts in stock. We can give return authorization to get gear fixed at any hour day or night through our online log in or during normal business hours via call in. We’ll take care of you. It’s an effective yet simple process: service, parts, and after-sale support.

We also have the best warranty on our products; Blizzard offers a two-year warranty on all our products. In addition, there are lots of churches that use battery-powered LED up-lights. Most manufacturers in our industry offer 90 days to six months as their warranty. We offer a one-year full replacement on batteries, then a pro-rated 1/24th after that.

Three years of warranty is what it adds up to. That’s unprecedented in our industry.  continued >>