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All decisions are made based on comparison

Barry Schwartz in his book, "Paradox of Choice," states that when we ask ourselves if we liked a meal, a vacation or a class, invariably we are asking ourselves, “Compared to what?” All choices are made based on some sort of comparison. For example, the decision to engage a team at all is the comparison to the alternative of a church doing a project themselves. (It’s the reason that sometimes for small projects that option wins.) Beyond that, there are a host of things you are compared against … the church’s last building project, the experience of the church down the street, the firms that did not get invited to the interview. Differentiation helps you win in the comparison game.

Achieving differentiation is worth the effort

Achieving differentiation is hard to do. After all, we live in our own stories so it isn’t always clear how the outside world sees us. Yet giving our clients a clear and compelling reason to choose us—one that is different than the other firms they have to choose from—can make a huge difference. Better yet, it shifts the decision from price to the big idea that we care about in the first place.





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