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Insight is 20/20

A compilation of educated guesses on what the not-so-distant AVL future holds for churches and their designers.











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By Carol Badaracco Padgett

We’re all familiar with the way movies depicting the future seem oddly off the mark by the time their actual chronological dates roll around. Much of the disconnect lies in how technology and its role in society is imagined.

"Seamless and non-confining wireless capabilities within an IP-centric environment will enable more flexibility and control for all devices."

—Craig Yanagi, Product Marketing Manager, Professional Video Division, JVCKenwood USA Corp.

But what about when an expert in a given field is asked to foresee technological advances within that field and within the foreseeable future? It seems to be then that the predictions hit the bullseye.

Church Designer takes a look at three recent interviews with AVL manufacturers—one of each in the fields of audio, video and lighting. The advancements and developments these experts keyed in on last year and earlier this year are already in focus.

TOPIC: Audio

[“Achieving an Exceptional Sonic Experience,” Church Designer Sept/Oct 2016]

Looking ahead into 2017, what loudspeaker and sound reinforcement offerings do you think will have the biggest impact on church sound, in particular, both in what's spec'd and in what's possible for the end user?

Stein: Our new CDD-Live line of powered, two-way loudspeakers will offer high-end performance at affordable price points with the added benefit of digital audio networking via Dante. Each CDD-Live system incorporates a powerful electronics module with on-board DSP, Class D amplification and Dante; thereby simplifying set-up, enhancing control and eliminating amp racks.

The DSP functions, which include parametric EQ, delay, muting, gain and preset selection, can be controlled over Ethernet via a tablet or PC. The line consists of thee two-way boxes—an 8-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch—as well as two high-performance powered subwoofers, a 1x18-inch and 2x18-inch. In addition, the two-way loudspeakers’ cabinets allow them to be used as monitor wedges.

CDD-Live is [designed to be] an affordable, high-performance, easy-to-use system that will provide a performance upgrade for many churches that could previously not afford this level of product.

The future [will bring] many more product introductions [and many new technologies to] address different applications and price points [for the church market].

TOPIC: Video

[“Video Vision," Church Designer Jan/Feb 2016]

Look into your crystal ball. What trends do you foresee in church technology, video cameras and control, as well as other visual products—both for worship spaces and common spaces in churches—leading into 2017?

Yanagi: While Internet video streaming becomes increasingly simplified, refinement in content quality and delivery integrity will be required to capture the attention of the audience for the duration of a service. To meet this demand, JVC continues to raise the bar in providing products and technologies [that] not only deliver broadcast-quality images, but also empower visual personalization of the messaging by individual [churches] with customized graphics, enabling them to establish their own unique identity and provide a high-quality platform where their congregation would want to engage with the content.

From an operation standpoint, the demand for IP-centric devices will continue in the marketplace due to its implementation in facility design for not only infrastructure, but also for external delivery. Moreover, seamless and non-confining wireless capabilities within an IP-centric environment will enable more flexibility and control for all devices. And this is what the JVC ProHD Wireless Bridge can provide our HOW customers today within their existing structures, without the need [for] demolition. The JVC ProHD Wireless Bridge is also portable, so [end users] can place it where [they] need it most.

TOPIC: Lighting

[“Modern Media Meets its Match,” Church Designer Nov/Dec 2016]

When it comes to the future of church lighting-applicable fixtures for theatrical use, what do you see happening with lighting technology over the next five years? What will the church market and performance spaces in general gravitate towards in terms of lighting fixtures?

Read: I honestly believe the future in lighting for churches is the same as for any performance/event/broadcast spaces in general. No matter what, the lighting creates the image for the eye and/or camera to capture.

LED lighting is the future, and the future is already here. With that said, within the next five years, I see the church and entertainment markets gravitating toward using nothing but LED fixtures, which will be growing more powerful and costing less as time passes.



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