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What are the attributes that are the main draw for architects, engineers and consultants that might specify Acoustics First products or work with your team?

COLLERAN: We offer a wide range of diffusors that are our proprietary products as well as standard traditional designs. Our patented devices are manufactured by us and may be purchased directly or through various resellers and O.E.M.’s (original equipment manufacturers). We can usually supply everything needed for church acoustics: traditional sound absorbing panels, traps, wall coverings, barrier material and accessories.

We work with many designers, architects, contractors and end users throughout the year, rather than just [on] a few large projects. In doing so, we develop a broad overview of what is happening in applied acoustics. We are happy to share what we have learned that may be useful to others who are in the planning stages. We are also involved with the standards organizations in developing useful information to compare various acoustical treatments.

What other new advances do you plan to bring to the church market and to the area of its acoustics for 2016?

COLLERAN: We have filed for a patent for a new unique diffusor design that is now undergoing acoustical testing. It should be announced in mid-2016.

Acoustics are also important in churches’ teaching and gathering spaces. How does Acoustics First cater to these needs?

COLLERAN: We regularly supply acoustical materials to churches for multipurpose teaching and gathering spaces as well as for church daycare facilities. We analyze the space based upon drawings, photos, sound recordings, and intended use. We are continuing to add to our resources for customers to determine how to solve their acoustical issues in a reasonable and economical manner.

What other developments do you think we'll see in the coming months that will impact acoustics and intelligibility in churches throughout the rest of the year?

COLLERAN: In first quarter 2016 Acoustics First published a comprehensive series of test reports comparing traditional diffusers (pyramids and barrel shaped), math-based diffusors such as single dimension and two-dimensional quadratics, and our new three-dimensional designs. We believe this will be the first time that the various shapes have been tested under the same conditions by the same independent lab using the same testing procedure within the same time frame for all the devices. It will allow a precise, meaningful comparison of devices in order to choose what may be best for a particular purpose. [Editor's Note: Find the test reports here. (visit link)]







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