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Technical Bulletins for Roof Design

The Metal Construction Association offers two new technical bulletins designed to help determine proper roof design and product specification.











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By Church Designer Staff

The two new resources are:

Roof Design for Cold Weather Climates

Snowfall and freezing temperatures pose special challenges in roof design that are sometimes overlooked. These roofs endure constant movement and stress, heavy gravity loads, freezing, thawing and condensation, all of which must be taken into consideration in the roof design. While it is widely accepted that metal roofs have a longer service life than many other roof materials and work very well in all types of weather conditions, this bulletin outlines the important design considerations that building owners and designers must take into account in cold weather climates. The 13-page bulletin provides detailed information and illustrations outlining the design specifications to account for the effects of gravity loads induced by snow, snow-melt phenomena, ambient thaw, solar thaw, heat loss thaw, icing, de-icification cabling, underlayment upgrades, snow shed, and snow retention.

The bulletin is available for download here: (visit link)

Metal Roof and Wall Panel Components in Contact with Preservative-Treated Lumber

Treated lumber that includes copper-based preservatives can react with metal roofs, wall panels and metal fasteners, causing corrosion which architects, designers and engineers must be aware. This 6-page bulletin provides specific steel industry recommendations to assist product specifiers and engineers in determining which wood preservatives and metal combinations are subject to corrosion; how to avoid corrosion by using wood with newer metal-free preservatives; and when corrosive combinations are used, how to prevent corrosion with barrier membrane material.

The bulletin is available for download here: (visit link)

The MCA updates its education/technical resources section on its website on a regular basis, addressing practical and educational topics related to the metal construction industry. All materials are available free to website visitors to download in PDF format.

For more information about MCA: (visit link)


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