Posted in projects on September 29, 2015 10:10 am EDT

Achieving Extreme Visual Impact at World Changers Church New York

Visual upgrade fortified by FLEXLite by PixelFLEX, an economical solution to traditional LED panels because of its reported bright, dense display and high refresh rate.

World Changers Church New York holds worship services at the former Paradise Theater in the Bronx.











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By Church Designer Staff

First established in 2004, World Changers Church New York seeks to spread the word of God through its worship services held at the former Paradise Theater in the Bronx. As the organization prepared to host a four-day Camp Meeting seminar, Andrew Siu and his technical team behind the scenes began putting together a production design that would give the annual event a contemporary design. Wanting to use an LED video wall as the focal point of the updated design, Siu enlisted the assistance of Nashville, Tenn.-based PixelFLEX to create a contemporary backdrop using FLEXLite LED tiles.

“At our New York location we have an annual four-day event called our Camp Meeting,” Siu explains. “For the production design, we wanted something that was different from our regular services which have a more traditional look where we use a painted backdrop behind the speakers. Knowing that I wanted to go with an LED video wall to create the more contemporary design, we started exploring the potential options available to us and PixelFLEX really gave us the best solution with the FLEXLite LED video tiles.”

FLEXLite by PixelFLEX is an economical solution to traditional LED panels because of its bright, dense display and high refresh rate. Additionally, incorporating FLEXLite into any live event takes no added effort due to its unique spring lock guide pins which help align the tiles, plus the single and double panel rigging hooks that allow for an easy hang.

Siu continues, “When we started looking at the PixelFLEX options for the production, we really liked how the FLEXLite tiles would allow us to create a perfectly sized LED screen to fit specifically on our stage. It also provided us with the perfect rigging options for how we would fly the screens and it all just sort of clicked when we were discussing how we would achieve everything we needed.”

Installation details

On the church's proscenium stage measuring 32 feet wide by 55 feet deep, Siu decided to create the LED video wall using 6.9mm FLEXLite tiles. With its lightweight form factor, FLEXLite can be quickly installed and dismantled by one person, making them ideal for productions where labor could be a challenge.

"The LED wall gave our services a very engaging and interactive way for the congregation to understand what the scriptures were saying, and it really made a huge impact on our worship services.”

—Andrew Siu, Technical Director, World Changers Church New York

“The physical set-up of the panels was very quick and easy,” Siu reports. “My team is made up primarily of volunteers who do not necessarily have training in LED screens, but once we explained what we wanted to do and how it would go together, the setup went extremely smooth from beginning to end.”

Now that the 37 foot wide by 11 foot high LED video wall was in place, it was time for Siu to begin programming the FLEXLite tiles. Working with his PixelFLEX production technician, Siu was able to quickly load all his content in place and easily complete the final design.

He explains further, “During the worship services we used the full screen for banner logos and such, but then we also used the center portion for the IMAG video of the speakers. When broadcasting the speakers, we would use the stage left and right side of the screen to show various graphics of scriptures, logos, or hashtags from the event. With the assistance of our onsite technician, the content was very easy to load and I really loved the content flexibility of the FLEXLite tiles.”  continued >>