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Ohio Multisite Ups Online Presence With the Help of 4K Cameras POSTED Jan 12, 2017

Case Study: Virginia Church Steps Up its Musicality and Intelligibility POSTED Dec 01, 2016

Metro Atlanta Church Wins With Consistent Audio Coverage POSTED Nov 15, 2016

Pennsylvania Church Retools its Digital Audio Console POSTED Sep 20, 2016

Metro Atlanta Church Sheds New Light on Worship POSTED Sep 09, 2016

AVL Upgrade Brings New Life to Bay Area Multi-Site POSTED Sep 07, 2016

Hawaii Church Embraces LED Fixtures POSTED Aug 30, 2016

Georgia Church Circumnavigates Audio Challenges With Line Arrays POSTED Aug 18, 2016

Louisiana Church Gets Major Boost in Intelligibility POSTED Aug 16, 2016

Ramping Up Intelligibility in the Midwest POSTED Aug 04, 2016

Missouri Church Audio Upgrade Works with Space’s Architecture POSTED Jul 27, 2016

Phoenix Church Gives Thumbs Up on Digital Console Specification POSTED Jul 06, 2016

Virginia Church Renovates with Audio in Mind POSTED Jun 28, 2016

LED House Lights Spec’d to Transform Missouri Church POSTED Jun 21, 2016

All-LED Lighting Helps California-Based Broadcast Ministry Shine POSTED May 26, 2016

Arizona Church Upgrades With Martin Audio MLA POSTED Mar 31, 2016

Specifier Outfits Southern Satellite Campus With Kara Rig POSTED Mar 21, 2016

Connecticut Basilica Gets a Discreet Sound Solution POSTED Mar 01, 2016

New York Episcopal Church Renovated with Renkus-Heinz Iconyx Gen5 POSTED Feb 25, 2016

Harvesting Connection POSTED Feb 11, 2016

Prestonwood Chooses Live Personal Mixers to Accommodate Large Worship & Tech Staff POSTED Feb 09, 2016

Indiana Church Upgrades Tech Infrastructure, Opts for Compact Digital Audio Console POSTED Feb 09, 2016

California Church Outfitted for Ease in Audio Mixing POSTED Jan 28, 2016

Luminaires Spec’d for Versatility and Dependability in Florida Worship Space POSTED Jan 13, 2016

Danley is Chosen to Turn Around Sound at Chicago Church POSTED Jan 05, 2016

Steady Growth Leads to Complete Sanctuary Audio Overhaul in Upper Midwest POSTED Jan 01, 2016

Christian University Fulfills Masterplan for Future Audio Upgrade POSTED Dec 23, 2015

Designer Specifies First-Ever Church Installation of Meyer Sound Leopard Solution POSTED Dec 15, 2015

Old World-Style California Church Seizes Modern Sound Solution POSTED Dec 07, 2015

Reforming Church Sound in Minnesota POSTED Dec 03, 2015

Philly’s Oldest Jewish Sanctuary Undergoes Renewal POSTED Nov 30, 2015

Nebraska Church Renovation Includes Sourcing of New AVL Gear POSTED Sep 29, 2015

Achieving Extreme Visual Impact at World Changers Church New York POSTED Sep 29, 2015

Architectural Glass with Intuition POSTED Aug 04, 2015

Cineplex Turned Worship Center POSTED Jul 09, 2015

Reinventing Intelligibility at Finland’s Lakeuden Risti Church POSTED Jul 15, 2017

Chicago-Area Church Theater Gets Versatile Lighting POSTED Mar 30, 2017

1950s A-Frame Church Gets a Sound Overhaul POSTED Mar 21, 2017

Coptic Orthodox Church in Qatar Fills a Sound Void POSTED Oct 27, 2016

Las Vegas’s Guardian Angel Cathedral Undergoes Audio Upgrade POSTED Mar 23, 2016

North Carolina Church Gets Visually Discreet Sound System POSTED Nov 25, 2015

Church Resurrects Abandoned Worship Space POSTED Aug 28, 2015