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LED House Lights Spec’d to Transform Missouri Church

The Show-Me State's Pleasant Valley Church invested in 120 Chroma-Q Inspire color-mixing LED house lights, providing an immersive worship environment for its congregation while dramatically reducing the venue's running costs.

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By Church Designer Staff

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church (PVBC) is on the north side of the Kansas City metropolitan area, and has a weekly attendance of around 4,000 people. The church has existed since the 1940s at various locations, but was purpose-built at its current location in 1997.

PVBC has three unique styles of worship service happening every weekend in the same room -- the main worship center -- meaning that flexibility and reliability of its lighting system is very important.

Kansas City-based worship lighting installations specialists, Stark Raving Solutions, provided an LED house light "shoot out" in collaboration with North American lighting distributor, A.C. Lighting Inc., with a view to replacing PVBC’s old 500w incandescent house can lights, installed in 1997.

"They wanted to minimize the need for future repairs or regular maintenance, such as cleaning filters. It also means the fixtures are totally silent during services."

—Marcus Hammond, Stark Raving Solutions, Kansas City, MO

In application

“When demo'ing and comparing house lights with DMX control from multiple manufacturers, the Chroma-Q Inspire fixtures totally hit the mark for price and functionality,” says Stark Raving Solutions’ Marcus Hammond, who was also technical director at PVBC from 2004-2014.

“Some of the more traditional services have only white house light, while the more progressive or contemporary services use single colors -- or an entire spectrum of colors -- across the whole room to provide the congregation with an immersive worship experience," Hammond reports. Providing a range of beautiful whites, soft pastels and bold saturates all from a single fixture, the Chroma-Q Inspire’s fully homogenized lens offers a choice of stunning mixed colors, with no unsightly color separation shadows, he adds.

Available in the Inspire Mini compact version, or the more powerful WFX award-winning full-sized version, a choice of black or white exterior housing, and a range of beam angles, the Inspire range is suitable for almost any type of entertainment or architectural space -- large or small. “Having a smooth dimming curve down to 0% was a huge factor in PVBC choosing the Inspires,” Hammond continues. “The goal was to have a product that felt like an incandescent fixture at low levels, but would not blink off at a level of 5% or 10%, like other solutions we've tried.”


The Inspire fixtures also met the criteria for an energy-efficient solution that would provide reduced maintenance and running costs. As Hammond explains: “Following an LED retrofit of all types of lighting across the church’s entire 200,000-square-foot campus -- of which the Inspire house lighting in the main worship center was the largest wattage differential from old to new fixtures in the entire project (the house light system’s energy consumption has been reduced by [more than] 75%) -- the church has seen a monthly reduction in energy consumption of more than $8,000 per month. The running cost savings of having LED lighting for the whole campus are therefore huge, equating to a potential annual saving of up to $100,000.”

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