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LED Lighting Enhances the Message at a California Worship Space

Elation Lighting is specified to help reinforce and energize communication at a 700-seat Sacramento sanctuary.











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By Church Designer Staff

Since opening in 2006, the youth and young adult pastor at Real Life Church in Sacramento, Calif., Tyler Hagan, has always had a bigger vision for the ministry's lighting. So when the church decided to renovate its sanctuary space in 2013, he saw the opportunity he’d been waiting for. "I've always wanted to do cool stuff with lighting," Hagan says, who worked for Elation dealer Illuminate Production Services before becoming a pastor at Real Life. "I really got to know Elation lighting well in my time at Illuminate Productions. That's when I fell in love with lighting and being an LD." The ministry bought a new building four years ago, but after tiring of packing 1,000 people into a room with 10-foot ceilings, a construction project was initiated that expanded the space and raised the ceiling. Completed in December 2013, the renovation includes a new Elation lighting system for the 700-seat sanctuary made up of Platinum Spot LED IIs, Design Wash LED Zooms, and Opti QA PAR LED lights, as well as Opti Tri White LED fixtures, which the church uses as house lights. The installation also includes trussing from Global Truss.

"Once he saw what the system is capable of, it opened up opportunities for him to do interesting things with his messages."

—Tyler Hagan Youth/Young Adult Pastor, Real Life Church, Sacramento, CA

Addition or distraction?

The renovation is the first time Real Life has made a substantial investment in dynamic lighting, but not everyone at the church was initially sold on the idea. "We did have to bring people into what we’re doing. Different generations have different opinions when it comes to lighting," Hagan says. "Sometimes the older generation can look on lighting as an abstraction, but I’ve always looked on it as an addition, especially in a worship atmosphere where you can really set the tone for the day."

"We weren’t running haze before, and now we are, so seeing the beams is new for some people but they are really liking it," reports Hagan's dad and Real Life founder, senior pastor Scott Hagan, one important member of the congregation for which dynamic lighting was something new. "Once he saw what the system is capable of, it opened up opportunities for him to do interesting things with his messages," Hagan says. "He realizes the light is there to support the message."  continued >>