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Results & feedback

Warren Whitten, audio director for Free Chapel, mixed the opening weekend at the new campus. “I was amazed by how tight the PA felt in such a big room,” he says. “I was able to achieve depth in my mix without having to run the PA excessively loud, and it never felt like it was getting away from me. I felt very connected to my mix changes.”

According to Corder, the new system “has it all—crystal clear, natural high frequency transmissions that are never harsh; warm, defined mid frequencies that are so important to get right in the best House of Worship mixes; and tight, powerful lows that are both heard and felt throughout the space. The tonal response of the new system as well as the coverage in the room are both spectacular.

“I was getting texts throughout the first few weekends of services from others on the design team, including the architect and project manager, as well as church staff that said they couldn't believe how great the sound was.”

MMS is now executing another L-Acoustics system that will go into the Free Chapel Orange County campus in Irvine, Calif., this summer. “The rooms are very different,” notes Whitten, “but we feel that L-Acoustics will be a constant that will help us continue elevating audio in our worship experience.”

“Mankin Media has had tremendous success with L-Acoustics loudspeaker systems,” Corder sums. “The product represents a tremendous value, which is extremely important to our House of Worship clients where, regardless of the project size, there are always more dreams than there are resources. We have found L-Acoustics systems to deploy precisely as expected, and our clients—including Free Chapel—are always extremely satisfied with the results.”

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