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Radiant Church Beams Over New L-Acoustics System

Parkway Electric & Communications retrofits sanctuary with new ARCS WiFo arrays, fixing hot spots and redirecting audio energy that created a muddy sounding room with unwanted reflections.

Radiant Church in Richland, Mich., hosts four upbeat services each weekend. Images courtesy of Rob Stam.











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By Church Designer Staff

From its start in 1996 as a small independent plant by Grandville, Mich.'s Resurrection Life Church, Radiant Church in the Richland suburb of Kalamazoo has steadily grown its membership to 3,500 members. Recently expanding its service count to four each weekend -- two on Saturday and two on Sunday -- the church also freshly upgraded the audio facilities of its 1,050-seat sanctuary with a new ARCS "WiFo" (Wide and Focus) loudspeaker system from L-Acoustics.

"There is not a bad seat in the sanctuary now and the crossover between boxes is impressively transparent."

—Thayne Asaro, Production Director, Radiant Church, Richland, MI

Parkway Electric & Communications of Holland, Mich., provided the design and integration of the new system, replacing an outdated PA rife with hot/dead spots and uneven low frequency coverage. The installation and commissioning process reportedly took Parkway just four days, which also included repurposing the previous rig for the church's youth facility. Today, the main sanctuary system features left and right arrays each comprised of four ARCS

L-Acoustics ARCS Focus arrays backed by two SB18 subs.

Focus enclosures flown in front of two SB18 subs per side. A single ARCS Wide system is vertically hung on the outside of each array to address the far left and right seating areas of the wide-yet-shallow sanctuary, while two centrally flown SB28 augment the low end reinforcement. Four LA4 amplified controllers drive the entire system.

According to Parkway's Gary Zandstra, the new ARCS WiFo system resolved two major challenges. "Radiant's audio crew previously had a difficult time creating a mix that the whole room could enjoy; there were numerous hot spots where low frequencies would overpower the listener and distract them from the music and message," he says. "The second issue was that a large amount of audio energy was being misdirected into the ceiling and back wall, creating a muddy sounding room with unwanted reflections. ARCS WiFo offers a -10dB sharp cutoff outside of the 15 [Focus] or 30 [Wide] degree pattern, which nicely provided smooth coverage throughout the entire seating area while very effectively keeping the energy off of the reflective surfaces."

Radiant Church Production Director Thayne Asaro notes that the new L-Acoustics system completely changes the feeling of the room. "There is not a bad seat in the sanctuary now and the crossover between boxes is impressively transparent," he enthuses. "In worship, we're able to have distinct intelligibility between various instruments and vocals, creating a unique stereo separation [that] leads to a more immersive worship experience. Spoken word is also vastly improved with the addition of the sidefills, plus some acoustical treatment on the side and back walls, improving speech intelligibility and eliminating bounce back. My sound engineers have had nothing but great things to say about how much easier it is now to create a good mix."  continued >>