Posted in projects on October 27, 2014 11:57 am EDT

Technology Meets Tradition: Micro Line Array System Spec’d for Ornate Australian Cathedral

St. Andrew's Cathedral, the oldest in Australia, gets top-notch audio with low-key aesthetic impact.

A Martin Audio OmniLine system delivers unobtrusive sound at Sydney, Australia's St. Andrew's Cathedral. Image courtesy of Martin Audio.











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By Church Designer Staff

A large 140-element Martin Audio OmniLine system is in place at St Andrew's Cathedral in Sydney, Australia. The system originally needed to be commissioned in time for the visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as part of their tour of Australia and New Zealand.

St. Andrew’s is the oldest cathedral in Australia and one of the city's finest examples of Gothic Revival architecture; however, such beautiful architecture comes at an acoustic cost with challenging reverberation times making clarity and evenness of coverage across the congregation a constant issue.

St. Andrew's Cathedral exterior, courtesy of Martin Audio.

Having struggled with a sound system that failed to deliver clear speech intelligibility and effective live music reproduction, the church’s decision to install a new system reportedly reached emergency status with the Royal visit at hand.

St. Andrew’s is the oldest cathedral in Australia and one of the city's finest examples of Gothic Revival architecture....

Ross Cobb, director of music at St Andrew’s, and Canon Chris Allan were given the job of bidding for design, installation and commissioning of a state of the art system with absolutely no compromise in sound quality––to be fulfilled in just two weeks.

The task was awarded to Wizard Projects, led by senior engineer Michael Sheldrick with an electro acoustic design team of Glenn Leembruggen and David Gilfillan; the final piece in the jigsaw was the Martin Audio OmniLine micro line array, supplied by the manufacturer’s Australian distributor, Technical Audio Group.

Cobb had heard OmniLine in similar church installations and was impressed with the system’s consistent coverage, fidelity and low-key aesthetics.  continued >>