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Aeolian Sound Diffuser

The Aeolian Sound Diffuser from Acoustics First creates a unique aesthetic while improving acoustics. The entire diffuser is asymmetric, with each edge designed to vary in height by less than the width between them, creating an implied symmetry.

By Church Designer Staff   •  July 27, 2017 10:08 am EDT

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Aeolian Diffusers from Acoustics First Corp. in Richmond, Va., use a mix of technologies to create an organic quadratic diffuser. Similar to the company's Art Diffuser Model D mathematically, the Aeolian is a bicubic interpolation of a Prime Quadratic Diffuser, bridging the mathematical with the artistic. This combination creates a smoother frequency transition, wider operating range, and more forgiving diffusion pattern. Created for use in a drop ceiling grid, or direct wall mount, the Aeolian can be placed where designers need it to optimize acoustic space.


The Aeolian Diffuser uses a unique design process that incorporates "implied symmetry" to defeat lobing problems. The entire diffuser is asymmetric, including the edges. Each edge is designed to vary in height by less than the width of the flange gap, creating an "implied symmetry," without actually being symmetric. This feature eliminates all symmetry from the diffuser, according to the company, complementing the undulating topology of the geometry and creating a unique aesthetic, while also enhancing the acoustic effectiveness.


Aeolian Diffusers may be installed into heavy-duty 15-inch/16-inch face lay-in ceiling grid systems.They may be direct mounted on a wall surface, as well.


Fire Rating: 

Class 1 (A) Per ASTM E84


Class A Thermoplastic


23-3/4" x 23-3/4" (nominal)


5.1" (nominal)


4 lbs. per unit


Drop into T-Bar Grid (15/16") or direct wall mounted

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