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Borgo Offers Up Chair Art

Mariquita, on display at AIA 2017 this spring, is a family of fun, playful seating options designed to liven up any space with flair and comfort.

By Church Designer Staff   •  May 2, 2017 12:25 pm EDT

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada's Borgo brought its seating on display to the AIA 2017 conference in Orlando, Fla., in April 2017. Designer staff noted a number of chairs from Borgo's line that could have application in the modern church gathering and youth spaces. Borgo's Mariquita is one of the church-ready options.

According to Borgo's literature, comfort meets style in Mariquita, with this ladybug-inspired design. Mariquita is a family of fun, playful seating options that will brighten up any space with their color and flair, the company reports. The chair is ideal for cafeterias, schools and public waiting areas.

Mariquita’s molded back and seat gently hugs the sitter -- offering a physical and emotional comfort by design. Borgo reports that the chair is available in a rainbow of eight colors, allowing Mariquita to control the mood of the environment.

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