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British Custom-Build Organ Company Launches in U.S.

One of Britain's most successful custom-build digital organ manufacturers has announced its expansion into America.

By Church Designer Staff   •  September 6, 2017 10:14 am EDT

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Regent Classic Organs, run by organist David Mason, is a sister company of Viscount Organs -- the largest organ manufacturer in the world, by revenue. After its success in Europe, the company says it can fulfill the demand for reasonably priced bespoke organs in the United States. As Mason states, “I’m thrilled that we are expanding our custom-build business across the pond.” And he adds, “While we’re aware that the flavour of organs differs in America compared to Europe, the joy of commissioning an individually designed organ is that the look and sound can be tailored to [clients'] needs.”

Regent Classic Organs is known for craftsmanship and exceptional finish, the company reports -- only working with trusted musicians with an understanding and love for the instrument. It prides itself on creating the highest quality consoles at accessible prices, which blend with the architectural style of the building. Another important aspect of Regent's offerings is "unrivaled installation and customer after-care service," Mason reports.

“Whether we’re making an organ for a church, college or someone’s home, our years of design and installation experience mean customers can be assured that we’ll go the extra mile to meet their [needs],” says Mason. “I’m looking forward to building on the momentum we’ve made in Europe and offering our services and organs to communities across America.”

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