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Consultant Chooses Iluminarc Ilumipanel 180 IP Fixtures

The rugged exterior light is designed to provide colorful washes on the massive scrims at outdoor stages, as well as to deliver vibrant looks during daytime performances in bright sunlight.

By Church Designer Staff   •  April 24, 2017 11:08 am EDT

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With another packed outdoor festival season on the horizon, decades-strong lighting company Bandit Lites of Nashville, Tenn., reports that it has expanded its production inventory with the purchase of Iluminarc Ilumipanel 180 IP fixtures. Bandit has departments that handle architectural design, theatre, installation and consultation.


The rugged exterior Iluminarc Ilumipanel 180 IP fixture is ideal for providing colorful washes on the massive scrims at outdoor stages, in addition to delivering vibrant looks during performances that take place during the day in bright sunlight to large crowds, Bandit representatives report.

Iluminarc Ilumipanel 180 IP’s will first be featured at the NFL DraftTown event next week in Philadelphia, where thousands will take part in festivities leading up to the official NFL Draft. The Ilumipanels are also slated for the Hangout Music Festival on the sandy beaches of Gulf Shores and Tennessee’s epic Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in June.

“The Iluminarc Ilumipanel 180 IP Optic is a perfect fixture for our inventory,” notes Bandit Director of Technical Services Jake Tickle. “With an IP67 rating and more than 10,000 lumens of RGB LED output, it will be put to great use in all of the outdoor shows that we do year round. I’m very impressed with the build quality of this fixture and look forward to it serving our needs for years to come.”

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