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Designing (and Building) Forward

Strong church architectural design happens best in a free-flowing, creative stream of design ideas that result in intuitive decisions, one blogger reports. What is your experience?

By Kenn Sanders   •  May 18, 2017 9:56 am EDT

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In Consideration of Church Architectural Design

My life is always designing, designing something that has never existed before -- and the design of anything involves making decisions.

I have to decide what the design will do and how it will do it. [Yet,] design is not thinking my way forward in life, it is building my way forward. I have had to make design decisions with less-than-perfect information.

In each of my design decisions lies a choice that can change the story of church life. But more often than not, every design decision has many open choices. Then the whole design will represent an overwhelming array of choices that will lead to design paralysis ... of no one absolute or certainty.

Therefore, every design decision, as a consequence, is a matter of weighing which possibilities I [may] design. I judge design decisions not only on results, but on how decisions were made.

[Often I find that strong architectural design is what gets to the heart of church design, and strengthens] what we do together as a church.

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